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eXtreme life

PUT ON THE FULL ARMOR … SO THAT YOU CAN TAKE YOUR STAND AGAINST … SO THAT WHEN THE DAY OF … COMES, YOU MAY BE ABLE TO STAND YOUR GROUND, AND AFTER YOU HAVE DONE EVERYTHING, TO STAND. If you took the lines above and used them as a sneak preview of some new video game or TV reality series that was recruiting participants – I’d bet it would be wildly popular.   If it was the lead in to a 3D movie that was being advertised, and the studio didn’t want to give anything away – people would fill in the blanks and be waiting in line to see it. It sounds very eXciting.   And that’s what people are into these days. eXtreme sports – eXtreme reality shows – eXtreme anything. Post Views: 9

The problem of arrogance

  One of many problems with arrogance is never getting to know anyone who really is better. It’s almost funny. Arrogant people want to be special. But they refuse to acknowledge that anyone is better than them.   By doing that, it’s impossible for them to get to know that better person.   Which makes it impossible for the arrogant person to get better.   Which – ironically – would give the arrogant person even more to be arrogant about!   Let me give you a really simple example. When I was in college, I wanted to learn how to play racquetball.  We had courts on campus.  I needed exercise.  But I didn’t know anyone else who played.  So I just started practicing by myself.   One day this guy knocks on the door – and asks if I’d like to play a set with him. I got destroyed.  Not surprising, since I’d never played another person – never played at real game speed.  And, he was good.  Well – at least way better than me. We started playing two or three times a week.  Slowly, I got better.  It got to be more and more of a contest.  It was […]

Pop Tart Christians

Strong and mature Christians do not simply pop out of the oven overnight. The fruit of the Spirit takes time to grow in a person. I read this and immediately thought about pop tarts.  Unlike the picture on the left, there was practically nothing inside.  Very little filling compared to the dough.  Not unlike a new Christian.  Or even an “old” Christian who was satisfied with the initial “committing their life to Jesus” – and then does nothing after that.  Someone who doesn’t allow the Holy Spirit to fill them and guide their lives. Post Views: 20

Is life supposed to be like this – 64,000 dangerous household chemicals?

Is life supposed to be like this: House Set to Subject 64,000 Household Chemicals to Regulation Of course not. So why do so many people reject the chance to have a better life?   When I first read the headline on news – House Set to Subject 64,000 Household Chemicals to Regulation – my first thought was about how much money that was going to cost. Then I wondered how the chemical companies ever let this get considered, let alone approved. Then I read the article (Sorry, this article is apparently no longer available), and understood why the chemical companies were not only OK with it – but would support it. Then I thought about how eventually – this won’t be a problem. Finally – I thought about the issue of – So why do so many people reject the chance to have a better life? A better life? Yes – a better life. Let’s look at that and see how.  And why so many will reject the opportunity. First of all – the 64,000 chemicals that are going to be regulated.  And these are just the ones to be regulated.  I would never have thought the number would be […]

When conflict arises – what does / should a “church” do?

  “We continue to hear from many people on the debate over <fill in your favorite conflict> that our current <fill in your church “rules”> contains language which is contradictory, unnecessarily hurtful, and inadequate for the variety of local, regional and global contexts,” the proposal said. “We will name such a Commission to include persons from every region of our <church>, and will include representation from differing perspectives on the debate.” Did you know there are 14 definitions of the word “church”? No wonder some churches themselves don’t even know what they’re supposed to do when this happens! Post Views: 2

What will be left of your life?

    The King on the throne spoke to the millions and millions about the holy fire that had burned away all of the stubble and straw from their lives—the trivial things, the worthless things, the acts done for mere show or out of secret or selfish intentions. When Ethan heard that, he had no regrets, because it was all so very clear to him now: in this place, the shiny tinsel of cheap, earthly achievements had finally been swept away like confetti, leaving at last only those things that would be truly worthy of praise—the pure acts of grace and sacrificial love and the honest, unpretentious labors that had been performed out of love for the King of kings who sat on the throne. And it was clear too why it must be that way—because, of all of the things that had ever been done on earth, only those acts that were fully true and truly good would abide forever in this realm where the ocean of Jesus followers stood before the King on His throne. From Mark of Evil, by Tim Lahaye and Craig Parshall 1Co 3:10 By the grace God has given me, I laid a foundation […]

proselytizers of a new faith

  I am convinced that the battle for humankind’s future must be waged and won in the public school classroom by teachers who correctly perceive their role as the proselytizers of a new faith … Questions – Who said that?  What is this “new faith”? And what does this have to do with what the Apostle Paul wrote in Ephesians 6:11?   Answer #1 – who said it – Professor J. Dunphy. Who is he?  The author of “A Religion for a New Age”, which was published in Humanist Magazine. What is Humanist Magazine?  An atheist publication. How can an atheist publication talk about a new faith?  Read on and prepare to be really upset. Post Views: 6

China’s Crackdown on Christian Churches

… the Chinese government continues to make heavy-handed moves to rein in Chinese Christians. In the name of maintaining safety and beauty”, the CCP has bulldozed churches and torn down crosses all painted red as reminders of the blood shed by the faithful when Mao Zedong’s troops tried to erase their faith from China almost 50 years ago. Those who speak out against the CCP’s decisions are arrested and placed in black jails. And yet – there’s hope.   Just over a year ago, I wrote something called The more you tighten your grip, Satan.   It seems it’s time for a reminder of what happens when the grip gets too tight – like what the government in China is trying to do.  I’m not sure that anyone in China will actually get a chance to read this, but it’s certainly a call to pray for them.  In all the years I’ve been doing this, I don’t remember ever getting a single reader from mainland China.  A whole bunch of southeast Asian countries – even Hong Kong – but I don’t remember ever seeing China on the list. The quote above is from a story on news. It’s about […]

What’s Missing in Your Life?

  What’s missing in your life? Normally this is a question asked of non-Christians.  But I’m asking it of Christians. Here’s why – “When you consider the joys that God’s children can experience—and we haven’t begun to consider all of them—you wonder at two things: why more Christians aren’t rejoicing in their wonderful position in the family <of God> and why more unsaved people aren’t anxious to get into the family and start enjoying abundant life in Christ. Perhaps if the children of God were more satisfied and joyful, the children of this world might want to trust Christ and be born again. How we live is as much a witness as what we say.”   Yes, the question is normally asked of non-Christians – with the intent of getting them to convert and believe what we believe.  But seriously – look at yourself.  Are you an example of what someone else would want to be?  Or are you just like the person you’re asking this question?  Or – worse yet – would they see a move to your life as a step down and wouldn’t want to touch it? So I’m asking – are you an example of someone […]

The problem of Global Warming

What’s the real problem of Global Warming? Arrogance. Here in California where I am, you can no longer build a house with a fireplace.  At least “regular” people can’t.  I’m sure that with enough money and loopholes, the rich people can do it.  But the average person can’t.  Because we will make global warming worse. There are also days when those of us in old houses that do have fireplaces are told we can’t use them.  Because we will make global warming worse. I’m waiting for the day when we’re told we can’t use our outdoor BBQ any more either. Because we will make global warming worse. Arrogance. Seriously. Look at this picture:   This is a picture from a forest fire raging in Alberta Canada as I’m writing this. Now – ask yourself – does this contribute to global warming? Does it maybe contribute to global warming more than some fireplaces and bbqs? And it’s not like this is the only fire.  There are lots of them. When I was in school – we used to be taught that things like forest fires were “nature’s” way of taking care of those forests.  The old / dead stuff was burned […]

How can it cost me nothing but ask me for everything?

  “After some silence, Joshua asked, “How can it cost me nothing but ask me for everything?” Actually – “it” is better than it sounds. It’s more like something that will cost nothing, ask for everything, and yet we still end up with not only more than we ever had – but more than we could ever imagine. “Oh, well,” Dr. Abdu answered, “a desperate man may have nothing in his pocket … or in his soul. Both are empty. Hollow. So he is willing to accept what is freely offered to him. But even a desperate man like you, Joshua, beaten, bloody, imprisoned —even a desperate man has something he has yet to give.”” Plus, a desperate man is more likely to realize that he is in darkness, and therefore truly want to go into the light. Post Views: 115

Do you let people help you?

  Do you ask people for help you when you need it? Are you a Christian? If your answers were “No” and “Yes”, respectively –  then I have to respectfully ask a question: Why not??   Remember this, from Mark? Mk 9:35 Sitting down, Jesus called the Twelve and said, “If anyone wants to be first, he must be the very last, and the servant of all.” Jesus said it under the context of Who was the greatest? Mk 9:33 They came to Capernaum. When he was in the house, he asked them, “What were you arguing about on the road?” 34 But they kept quiet because on the way they had argued about who was the greatest. Mk 9:35 Sitting down, Jesus called the Twelve and said, “If anyone wants to be first, he must be the very last, and the servant of all.” Mk 9:36 He took a little child and had him stand among them. Taking him in his arms, he said to them, 37 “Whoever welcomes one of these little children in my name welcomes me; and whoever welcomes me does not welcome me but the one who sent me.” Do you also remember this, under the context […]