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God – Where Are You? (Part 2)

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When we left Habakkuk, he had just unleashed some frustration on God – like with all this bad stuff going on here, how come You aren’t taking care of us like You said You would? After what was apparently a long time, God finally says watch and be amazed at what I’m going to do.

God – Where Are You? (Part 1)

This entry is part 2 of 3 in the series Where Are You?

How often go we hear or read that Christianity isn’t relevant any more? The title line sounds like something from today – where people are wondering if God even exists. For instance:
“How long must I keep telling you that things are terrible? Why don’t you save us? …

Quantum Computers – Quantum God

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If God can create man – who can create quantum computers – then certainly God can far exceed the capability of any quantum computer than we humans can create. … Does that mean that God is a quantum computer?

Quantum Immortality

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The whole concept of alternate realities is about different possibilities of the way life is – like maybe there’s a really good me in some universe and a really bad me in some other universe – and for that matter an infinite number of me’s ranging from the worst of the worst to the best possible human in an infinite number of universes.
OK – that’s great for me. But what about you – the reader? And your family and friends? Why should they be stuck in one of my universes?

What kind of parent would I be if … 4

We always talk about how God, through Jesus, knows all about the things that we will face in this life.
Even this … The Father knows exactly what we go through – even when we face these kinds of decisions. And what did the Father model for us?

“God being the women’s right to choose”

This entry is part 7 of 9 in the series Why the government can't save you

Many Democratic leaders have already proven they have little to no regard for human life, when it’s not old enough to vote for them.
But to equate God with abortion?
And then they claim to believe in God?

How’s your life plan working out?

Rather than being the first person that God couldn’t use, we are just another one of the many, many people that He wouldn’t use, because we won’t let Him.


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It’s noticeable that the winners in both parties are saying the same things to the losers in their respective parties: If we lose the election, the other side will pick several Supreme Court justices! … It’s all about the two hot-button issues … What would Jesus say to that?

The non-prodigal son

Lots of people know the story of the Prodigal Son. Even many non-Christians. But what of his brother? In Luke’s Gospel, the parable of the Prodigal (lost) Son is 22 verses. Only five of them are about the “other” brother. I can’t help but wonder though …

Your Kingdom Come … on earth …

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Do we realize the full implication of these words? We pray for God’s Kingdom to come. But do we live like it?
thy kingdom come … on earth as it is in heaven.
We want earth to be like God’s Kingdom. Of course. Why not? Well …

What attracts your attention?

It’s much better to listen to one – then the other. Then decide. You may be asking – “Did he really just say that?” – listen to both sides?
Yes – I did. Surprise – even Satan invited Eve to do that very thing – listen to both sides.

Hallowed be thy name

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Hallowed. What does that mean? Do you even use the word “hallowed”? Is it yet another word that’s been “watered down” to the point where it means nothing like it used to?
It seems important to be able to answer these questions – since we’re saying God’s name is hallowed.

Needs and Wants

… as Christians – we learn the God will give us what we need – whether we want it or not, but not necessarily the things we want – because we don’t need them.
That’s wrong! It’s so wrong!

How could you do that to me?

I’ve felt like this before. So have you. We all have. Someone did something to us. Most likely, someone we really care about. And thought we could trust. But they hurt us and we’re mad. And we feel totally justified.

This then is how you should pray…

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Prayer is – at it’s core – a conversation with God. A two way conversation. Yes – we say words. Maybe out loud. Maybe silently. But something comes from us with the intention that it goes to God. But it’s more than that. If we don’t listen for a response – we’re missing a huge part of why we pray.

We say God’s taking care of that. Do we believe it?

… things happen. “Terrible” things happen. and then we turn to God. I even had that sign reminding me that He was there – and when that kind of thing comes up – He’s got it. But did I always remember that?

Take this in remembrance of me.

For me, it wasn’t just the blood of Jesus. Not like that’s anything I should even use the word “just” with. But I was young. And it was Paul that scared me to death. I knew I’d never be asked to be Jesus. But Paul – that’s a different story. And it’s not like Paul was the only follower of Jesus that suffered. Heck – they all did. I din’t want that.

How Christian are our leaders? 2

This entry is part 9 of 9 in the series Why the government can't save you

I just got my new passport.

I know – what’s that got to do with Christianity? But then – I often say, if God is really everywhere – we should see evidence of Him, literally, everywhere.
So I saw evidence of Him there. In my passport.
But sometimes – I can’t help but notice that the apparent “evidence” is so fake.