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Lost Son Parable – Parenting 501

I can’t help but wonder – if this father is so wonderful, how come neither of his sons knew it? Further – how could the father be so blind as to not know that neither son really knew him? And if he was aware that his sons didn’t know him – how come he didn’t do anything about it? In other words – why is it just accepted that the father was good and the problem was with the sons?

The problem of God “Calling”

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So – the “Call of God”. It’s one of those church words. It’s used, with an assumption that everyone knows what it means. Or maybe, that everyone will figure out what it means. Or – maybe – it’s one of those words that is so polarizing that no one wants to really touch what it means,

The “healthy” and the “sick”. What did Jesus really mean?

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Finally, some hope – although look how it comes. Through another marriage to a prostitute and an exile – to cure all the things they have been doing wrong. So, yes – hope. But are they willing to pay the price of “admission” – pun entirely intended. They have to “admit” what they had become in order to be “admitted” back to a relationship with God.

Why God is a curvy, black woman in ‘The Shack’

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Should God choose to present Himself to me as one of the many judgmental Christians (which lets me our of looking in the mirror to have God represent Himself to me as me – got it?) I would be shocked. No less shocking would be if He presented Himself to me as either a father or mother figure. One thing I’m sure of though – whatever way He chooses – it will be the way I need it.

Protected from the Bible – Who’s in Hell

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It’s easy to get mad at God because of Hell. But we have to remember – no, we have to know that Hell wasn’t made for us. We also have to realize that we don’t go their without plenty of warnings from God – and from our own choice. Some go so far as to “condemn” God – without realizing what’s even going on.