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The problem of a “pleasing aroma” to God

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By now – hopefully the Christians who weren’t already aware of what these passages meant have now learned something. Something very hopeful, especially in times of trouble. For the non-Christians – I pray you have also learned something, and that this will help to change your view of what you maybe thought was a heartless God.

Who’s afraid of science?

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On top of that, many people are taught that science is too hard to understand. The truth is, pretty much anything can be made to seem to hard to understand. If someone uses really big words – words that are only known to the “insiders” in whatever field it may be – anyone on the “outside” probably wouldn’t have a clue what’s being talked about. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Does Jesus want to carry you when times are tough?

Before I leave you though, as promised earlier – when I say “best” answer – it’s maybe not the best answer ever. It’s what went through my mind this morning. It’s appropriate to where I am in my walk of faith at this time of my life. It may not be the “best” answer for you – at least not today. Maybe it will be on another day. Maybe there’s an even better answer for you today. After all, what’s “best” for you – that’s between you and God. My goal here is to get you beyond thinking the answer would be a simple “yes”.

Revelation: Introduction – part 1

It seems that what is probably the most common use of the word apocalypse – meaning the end of the world – isn’t even biblical in origin. It’s one instance where the book of Revelation write about the end of the world, as we know it – and that one instance is turned into the new “definition” of the word.

“No one speaks for God—not even the prophets (who speak about God)?

I have to totally disagree with the parts where it seems that one God would set us up with varying versions of “truth”. And while I agree that faith gets entangled in the gnarled branches of religion, I don’t for one instant believe that God would leave us lost in those branches, without a way to find Him.

When Jesus Died

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That’s hard for some people to accept. It can seem too “convenient”. Too simple. It’s not enough.
For many people, with the lives we’ve had, it’s hard to “believe”, just because a list of things was done.
This is for you – the people who have a hard time. Because it’s not just a list of things that could be checked off as “accomplished”. It’s also about things that weren’t done. Things that couldn’t be done.

Revelation & Hype Cycles

when so many consider Revelation to be a book of doom and gloom, I choose to also present is as one of amazing hope. Hope that is available to every one of us. Hope that will keep us out of the doom and gloom that will come – but doesn’t have to come to us.

What’s most important to you?

This is a great quote. It reminds us that Heaven, Hell and earth are three different things. While Christians recognize that Hell is worse than, and therefore different from, earth – too many seem to think that the same isn’t quite so true for earth and Heaven. They think things from earth will be in Heaven – or that Heaven will come to earth. Or some variation of that.

Lost Son Parable – Parenting 501 – update

I can’t help but wonder – if this father is so wonderful, how come neither of his sons knew it? Further – how could the father be so blind as to not know that neither son really knew him? And if he was aware that his sons didn’t know him – how come he didn’t do anything about it? In other words – why is it just accepted that the father was good and the problem was with the sons?

A jealous God, punishing sin for generations. Or maybe not?

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That sounds so cruel, doesn’t it? Why would a good God punish innocent, and even unborn, children for the sins of their parents? In case a refresher is needed, here’s where that comes from – the beginning of the ten commandments …