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The problem of “handing it over to God”

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Did you see it – if you can’t walk on water it’s because you doubt – because you don’t have enough faith.
And if that’s what you got from the passage – it’s unfortunate. Because that wasn’t the point.

We know nothing of religion here: we think only of Christ.

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And that is what should be our focus. Not the things that drive wedges between people – not on one religion’s minute details that cause us to focus on something other than Jesus.

“No one speaks for God—not even the prophets (who speak about God)?

I have to totally disagree with the parts where it seems that one God would set us up with varying versions of “truth”. And while I agree that faith gets entangled in the gnarled branches of religion, I don’t for one instant believe that God would leave us lost in those branches, without a way to find Him.

Pondering the consequences of our choices.

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I read the quote below, and wondered if it’s true for all of us, at the end of our lives. Not that we’ve all literally killed someone. But all of us have done something – something we wish we hadn’t done.

What’s most important to you?

This is a great quote. It reminds us that Heaven, Hell and earth are three different things. While Christians recognize that Hell is worse than, and therefore different from, earth – too many seem to think that the same isn’t quite so true for earth and Heaven. They think things from earth will be in Heaven – or that Heaven will come to earth. Or some variation of that.

A jealous God, punishing sin for generations. Or maybe not?

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That sounds so cruel, doesn’t it? Why would a good God punish innocent, and even unborn, children for the sins of their parents? In case a refresher is needed, here’s where that comes from – the beginning of the ten commandments …

I didn’t know you prayed

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This seems like a conversation that would really happen – someone praying that doesn’t normally pray, or maybe even for the first time. So – I had to look up this scenario, to find something on official “church” doctrine for when people pray for either the first time or maybe only rarely. I was disappointed. Even surprised. Very disappointed.

The main thing – and the ten Commandments

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So – what we end up with is a whole bunch of Christian denominations arguing over whose version is correct (and also first – even though none of these denominations (obviously) existed back in Moses’ time! They take their focus off the main thing (God) and appear to non-church people like everything they stand for is just made by man and doesn’t really mean anything.

“You can’t do this!” – You keep saying that, and yet …

So while I was reading this exchange in the book – I couldn’t help but wonder – when confronted at the final judgment – how many people will say the same thing to Jesus?
How many will tell Him that He can’t judge them – that He can’t condemn them?

But I was certain that evil existed

Evil is a relative word. Yes – it really is. Evil cannot exist without good. The classic case of good versus evil can only exist if good and evil are both relative words. If they weren’t, then one of two things must be true …

Our story will end well. (If we really want it to.)

I feel like the quote above is a bit “dangerous”.
There’s a condition built into the quote. But the conditional word is absent. It’s implied. And it’s too easy to think that it’s not even there.

I muttered prayers for the first time in many years.

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So – if you’re thinking God won’t listen to you because you don’t know what to say and all you can do is mumble some sounds –
Go for it. He is listening. In fact He’s waiting for you.
If you’re thinking or even telling the mumblers that God won’t listen to them, maybe you should pay attention to the references here and question whether or not they apply to you.

Wanting to be found – but hiding to not be found.

We do the same thing with God It’s “fun” to be a new Christian. There’s the excitement. Lot’s of people are happy for you. Even the Heavens rejoice.
But then, …

The problem of Christian hypocrites

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So then – we’re all serial killers, aren’t we? To expect anything else is to not understand our own need for salvation.