Joel Osteen – “God uses people to push you to where you’re supposed to be.”

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Yes – it sounds like I’m picking on Joel Osteen.  Sounds like I’m even judging him. … So I’m not picking on Joel Osteen. I’m reminding us – all of us – that God really did leave us to take care of things for Him.  Yes – with the Holy Spirit – but still with us as the physical beings allowing the Holy Spirit to work through us.  

Religious Freedom in China – intro

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Like the United States, The People’s Republic of China has freedom of religion.  It says so in the U S Constitution and in the PRC Regulations on Religious Affairs, so it must be true?  Right?   I mean – just look at the first amendment for the U. S. – Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances. Surely all those laws we have that restrict and / or control what religions can say / do / believe can’t possibly go against this amendment. Can they? In the same way, Article 2 of the Regulations on Religious Affairs for China says – Citizens have freedom of religious belief. That must be equally as true as the one in the U S, right? Actually – they are pretty much equally true.  One difference is that in the U S, we pass separate laws chipping away at the freedom of religion.  In China, the Regulations of Religious Affairs document itself chips away at the freedom […]

The problem of Either/Or: Free Will vs Predestiny

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Many people take one side of an issue. It’s an either – or thing. .But what of there’s another possibility?
No – not a third option, but the possibility that “either” and “or” are both correct.
Sounds impossible, doesn’t it? Especially when people are so passionate (stubborn?) about the issue.

The main thing – and the ten Commandments

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So – what we end up with is a whole bunch of Christian denominations arguing over whose version is correct (and also first – even though none of these denominations (obviously) existed back in Moses’ time! They take their focus off the main thing (God) and appear to non-church people like everything they stand for is just made by man and doesn’t really mean anything.

Protected from the Bible – is this your church?

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The Book of Malachi is shocking. … As I read this, I can’t help but feel the similarities to us – here – today. Now! Not surprising when so many generations have wanted it – all of it – and right NOW!

I muttered prayers for the first time in many years.

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So – if you’re thinking God won’t listen to you because you don’t know what to say and all you can do is mumble some sounds –
Go for it. He is listening. In fact He’s waiting for you.
If you’re thinking or even telling the mumblers that God won’t listen to them, maybe you should pay attention to the references here and question whether or not they apply to you.

Tell that to your people

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Just because we don’t like what God, through the Bible, tells us – that’s not a good reason to just assume it must be a fairy tale. Whether it be everything the Bible says – only parts of what it says – or even the very existence of God – the reality of the warning is still there.