I muttered prayers for the first time in many years.

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So – if you’re thinking God won’t listen to you because you don’t know what to say and all you can do is mumble some sounds –
Go for it. He is listening. In fact He’s waiting for you.
If you’re thinking or even telling the mumblers that God won’t listen to them, maybe you should pay attention to the references here and question whether or not they apply to you.

“triumph of the human spirit” … What does that mean?

One of the most telling scenes from the movie about how to answer that question had to do with believing what we choose to believe. One of the lines in that conversation is from Mario (the character played by Antonio Banderas) –

The Lord’s Prayer

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This is a series on what we commonly call The Lord’s Prayer.
I can’t help but feel it’s significant that we don’t actual say that last verse as part of the prayer.Maybe it touches a little too close to home?

For Thine is … (everything)

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Some of you may have realized that this particular phrase isn’t in the particular version of the Bible that you read. It may not even be in the Lord’s Prayer that your local church uses. … However – that this phrase is incredibly important – I think – is undeniable.

Lead us not into temptation …

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It’s also important to note that temptation, by itself, isn’t the problem. It’s when the temptation actually has it’s desired results (from Satan’s point of view) that we have a problem. And, let’s not forget that succumbing to temptation isn’t necessarily the “end” either.

Forgive us … as we forgive …

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Uh Oh. Major Uh Oh. This sounds really important. As in the previous verses, there’s much more to the Lord’s Prayer than just a bunch of words. There’s meaning behind those words. A meaning that we need to understand to really do what Jesus said before giving us these words …

Give us this day our daily bread

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Give us this day our daily bread. There’s a (hopefully) obvious double meaning to the word bread. Also a specific reason for the word daily. But what’s not said – but certainly implied?

Your Will Be Done … on earth …

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It’s a really good thing that we’re forgiven. Even when we don’t always put His will at the top of our to do list. The catch is – as we come to love Him more and more – it will start to bother us that we’re putting our will above His. And then we’ll ask for His help to put His will above ours.

God – Where Are You? (Part 2)

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When we left Habakkuk, he had just unleashed some frustration on God – like with all this bad stuff going on here, how come You aren’t taking care of us like You said You would? After what was apparently a long time, God finally says watch and be amazed at what I’m going to do.

Your Kingdom Come … on earth …

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Do we realize the full implication of these words? We pray for God’s Kingdom to come. But do we live like it?
thy kingdom come … on earth as it is in heaven.
We want earth to be like God’s Kingdom. Of course. Why not? Well …

Hallowed be thy name

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Hallowed. What does that mean? Do you even use the word “hallowed”? Is it yet another word that’s been “watered down” to the point where it means nothing like it used to?
It seems important to be able to answer these questions – since we’re saying God’s name is hallowed.