Steven James

Pondering the consequences of our choices.

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I read the quote below, and wondered if it’s true for all of us, at the end of our lives. Not that we’ve all literally killed someone. But all of us have done something – something we wish we hadn’t done.

I didn’t know you prayed

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This seems like a conversation that would really happen – someone praying that doesn’t normally pray, or maybe even for the first time. So – I had to look up this scenario, to find something on official “church” doctrine for when people pray for either the first time or maybe only rarely. I was disappointed. Even surprised. Very disappointed.

Wanting to be found – but hiding to not be found.

We do the same thing with God It’s “fun” to be a new Christian. There’s the excitement. Lot’s of people are happy for you. Even the Heavens rejoice.
But then, …

The problem of Christian hypocrites

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So then – we’re all serial killers, aren’t we? To expect anything else is to not understand our own need for salvation.

I remember a lot of stuff, but …

In the world today, with the internet and e-books that are fully searchable, memorization is becoming less and less important, at least for it’s own sake. Anything can be looked up, even with a general idea of what it’s about.
But – knowing what something means – how to interpret it and apply it to the environment we live in – that’s what counts.

If your goal is to offend no one …

… In all sorts of places, speaking truth will end up causing a lawsuit. In colleges – it’s a violation of whatever they call the rules against speaking truth to our sensitive little children who are supposed to be exposed to the very thing they object to – truth.

The problem of sanitized evil

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Anyone who thinks otherwise – either they don’t know what evil really is, because they haven’t really looked at it – or they have looked at it and want even more of it.

What attracts your attention?

It’s much better to listen to one – then the other. Then decide. You may be asking – “Did he really just say that?” – listen to both sides?
Yes – I did. Surprise – even Satan invited Eve to do that very thing – listen to both sides.