120,000 more children will die

120,000 more children will die of malnutrition. Who will mourn?

120,000 more children will die of malnutrition.  Not 120,000 will die.  120,000 additional children will die of severe malnutrition this year, due to the effects of COVID on the food supplies for children around the world. Who will mourn?  Someone once said, “Blessed are those who mourn …”  But who is mourning when they read the headline: “Rising child malnutrition rates to lead to 120,000 excess deaths during pandemic”?  Even more than that, who is doing something about it?

Not “just” donating money, although money is needed and is important.  My question is, who is in a position of power that has the ability to do something about the root cause of this?  And what are they doing?  Even more to the point, my question is for Christians in those positions do do something, and yet do nothing.  Where are you?  Are you mourning?