Why the government can’t save you

Joel Osteen – “God uses people to push you to where you’re supposed to be.”

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Yes – it sounds like I’m picking on Joel Osteen.  Sounds like I’m even judging him. … So I’m not picking on Joel Osteen. I’m reminding us – all of us – that God really did leave us to take care of things for Him.  Yes – with the Holy Spirit – but still with us as the physical beings allowing the Holy Spirit to work through us.  

Parents upset over no religious symbols policy. Why?

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I read this more and more – parents are upset over some policy, this time federal, restricting religious symbols / words / books in schools. But why? I truly don’t think we should be so upset over this.

NY court asked to determine if chimp is legally a person

There is certainly more than enough said in just the verses I’ve quoted above to give us the responsibility to care for God’s creations. We don’t need more. And we don’t need to reduce ourselves either.

Unintended Consequences – CA SB 1172

This is – first and foremost – a law that targets innocent children.
Really, all of this is over minor children. It says that parents can’t engage in conversion therapy for their minor children (for who, again, the parents have responsibility – to both the government and God). However, when that minor child turns 18, they are free to get conversion therapy on their own.

Apple assisting a future anti-Christ?

Oh yeah – and whatever Apple chooses to do with it. Like to be tagged. And to be searched on. And to be found. All of which exist with data that’s at least semi-public. And now Apple wants to make that process even “smarter” by doing all those things with allegedly “private” information.

A message to Trump haters (and everyone else)

But none of that seems to have happened.
Instead, I believe, we were in a position where – no matter who had been inaugurated – it would have been the person we “wanted”, but also a person God allowed to rise up to try to teach us a lesson that we “need” to learn.

LGBT in Heaven? 2

Well – I’d think that opening would get some interest! One way or another, people seem to be on all sides of this issue – and apparently even those on the same side have a hard time getting along with each other!

Do we have the leader we deserve, need, or both?

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In the Old Testament, we read about God raising up (literally – allowing) leaders to come to power in order to teach His chosen people a lesson. Think Pharaoh in Egypt and Nebuchadnezzar in Babylon, for starters. Is that where the U. S. is now?

Why can’t we better at treating addictions and other disorders?

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Addiction, mental disorders / abnormalities, socially unacceptable behavior, deviant behavior – these are “normal” parts of life, But “we” – the psychologists, psychiatrists, and other “brilliant” people – can take care of it. The fact that “we” have failed miserably is not evidence that “we” can’t do it. And if “we” can’t do it – “we” will drug the heck out of them – turn them into zombies – and then “we” will have “succeeded”. …

“God being the women’s right to choose”

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Many Democratic leaders have already proven they have little to no regard for human life, when it’s not old enough to vote for them.
But to equate God with abortion?
And then they claim to believe in God?


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It’s noticeable that the winners in both parties are saying the same things to the losers in their respective parties: If we lose the election, the other side will pick several Supreme Court justices! … It’s all about the two hot-button issues … What would Jesus say to that?

How Christian are our leaders? 2

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I just got my new passport.

I know – what’s that got to do with Christianity? But then – I often say, if God is really everywhere – we should see evidence of Him, literally, everywhere.
So I saw evidence of Him there. In my passport.
But sometimes – I can’t help but notice that the apparent “evidence” is so fake.