False Choices – Abortion


Against abortion = against women’s health!  
Or so we’re told to believe.
But is that the real choice?


To look at the msn.com home page today, it would seem that abortion isn’t really news at the moment.  Although two videos have been released showing planned parenthood offering money for organs coming from abortions – with the promise of 8 more to come – nothing exists on the MSN home page today about that story.  NOTHING!

One of the “Editors Picks” that is there – Obama to Jon Stewart:  You’re leaving before me?  
Seriously – that’s a bigger story that body parts being sold?
Have we really sunk that far?

Back to the original “choice”.

There certainly are times when a woman’s health is an issue – and abortion can save a life.

There was also a time when doctors would allow the mother to die in order to save a child – because having children was essential to survival.

I’m not saying either of these is “right” or “wrong”.  In some cases, there are legitimate, extremely difficult choices to be made.  
In the end – those choices are between the people making them and God.  It’s what’s in the people’s hearts that counts.

In an age where there are so many medical “miracles” and life saving capabilities in medicine – I’d think that this would – if anything – be a diminishing issue.  Not that it’s gone.  

I’m not insensitive to this.  But let’s be open, real, and honest.  My own grandmother went through this issue.  Back in the 1920’s, she was saved during childbirth – while her baby boy died at birth.  At that time – the choice to save her was controversial.  

But – that’s not the only reason that people make abortion decisions.

What about rape, incest, and similar situations.

This is another case where there are difficult choices to make.

Again – the ultimate decision is between the people and God.  And again – it’s what’s in their hearts that matters.

My point is – just the simple statement that decisions need to be made about rape & incest cases resulting in pregnancy means that abortion is not strictly a woman’s health issue.  

On it’s face – being against abortion means your against women’s health is a false statement.

What about other cases?

So – we already see that the 

Against abortion = against women’s health

narrative is false.

But what about the image at the top?
What about the Path of Life versus Easy Path alternative?

I submit this is the real set of alternatives.

Abortion isn’t just about women’s health.  Women’s health is part of it.  But it’s not the whole issue.
Abortion isn’t just about cases of rape and incest either.  They are part of it.  But they aren’t the whole issue.

Unfortunately, there are far too many abortions that have nothing to do with the tough topics above.  Or with other difficult choices that I haven’t gotten into.  Too many of those come down to the Path of Life versus Easy Path choices.

Path of Life versus Easy Path choices

As I said – I think this is the real abortion issue.

The Path of Life – real Life – is the one with the difficult choices.  The ones with real medical issues – the ones with rape & incest issues – the ones that have very difficult decisions that don’t have anything to do with the Easy Path issues.

The easy path includes thing like – it’s not convenient / the baby would be the wrong sex / Etc.

There’s things like the baby isn’t perfect. 
Well – which of us is perfect?  I’m not.  I’m glad my parents didn’t decide to abort me.

What about you.  Are you perfect?  Under your standards, should your parents have aborted you?
Yes – maybe this sounds like tough talk.  It’s supposed to.  Ask yourself that question.  And answer it honestly.

Now – think about your relatives.
Are they all perfect?  Under your standards, should their parents have aborted any of them?

And what about your friends.
Are they all perfect?  By your standards, should their parents have aborted any of them?

With what’s in the news now –
Would it have been better for them to have been aborted – and their body parts sold off for research?
Again – this sounds morbid.
It’s supposed to!
This is exactly what’s happening now.
Doctors – whose oath is to save lives – are terminating them and selling off the body parts.

And if you think those bodies parts are “just a fetus” – and aren’t really human – answer this for me.  If they aren’t human – then what good are the parts for human research?  It’s not like using rats – and extrapolating the results to anticipate what might happen with humans.  These are real human body parts.  
And – when the abortion is done – the procedure used takes into account which body parts need to be preserved, because if they aren’t intact, they have no value.

This whole thing has absolutely nothing to do with women’s health.
It’s about using defenseless unborn human beings to – do research – make money – or both.


Go back to the Path of Life.

At the end of this life – whether you like it or not – The Bible, The Qur’an, and the Jewish Holy Books all call for an accounting of our lives.

If you follow one of these religions – you really need to consider this.  This is a core part of what you claim to believe in.  If you pick and choose – and decide that the Easy Path is your choice ans not the Path of Life – then your life accounting will be done accordingly.

For Christians – this means at the end, Jesus may tell you –

Lk 13:27 “But he will reply, ‘I don’t know you or where you come from. Away from me, all you evildoers!’

To me, as a Christian – hearing Jesus tell me that I doesn’t know me is the worst thing that could happen.

For Muslims – God is forgiving – and you pray for Him to guide you in the right path –

Sura 1, The Key (Al-Fãtehah) Quran The Final Testament, translated by Rashad Khalifa, Ph.D.

[1:1] In the name of GOD, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

[1:2] Praise be to GOD, Lord of the universe.

[1:3] Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

[1:4] Master of the Day of Judgment.

[1:5] You alone we worship; You alone we ask for help.

[1:6] Guide us in the right path;

[1:7] the path of those whom You blessed; not of those who have deserved wrath, nor of the strayers.

but do you really believe He will forgive you if you ignore the fact that you killed or support killing one of His children?  Do you believe that the Easy Path is the one He’s trying to guide you towards?

For Jews – as well as Christians and Muslims – since all read the Book of Psalms –

Ps 22:9 Yet you brought me out of the womb;
you made me trust in you
even at my mother’s breast.
Ps 22:10 From birth I was cast upon you;
from my mother’s womb you have been my God.

David says from my mother’s womb you have been my God.

Not from birth.  Not from the time his head – or his entire body – came into the world from out of the womb – but from in the womb – he was God’s.

For all of us – the implication is obvious.  
We are all God’s children – even in the womb.

Even if you want to try to have some sort of scientific or philosophical debate about when “life begins” – God has claimed us as His even while in our mother’s womb.

And if that’s not strong enough for you – how about this from Jeremiah –

Jer 1:5 “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you,
before you were born I set you apart;
I appointed you as a prophet to the nations.”

In this case, God tells a young Jeremiah that He knew Jeremiah even Before I formed you in the womb.

So much for the scientific and philosophical arguments.
There’s no way for us to go back and abort someone before they were in their mother’s womb – without killing the mother before she conceived.  Presumably, no one would consider this anything but murder.  At least – I hope that’s the case.  I can’t help but wonder though – will we reach a day where even the presumption of a defective baby will result in something like sterilization of the person likely to have that defective baby.
As I was typing that last sentence – a thought came to me.  That day has already come and gone.  One instance would be the holocaust – where the Nazi’s tried to exterminate the “inferior” Jewish race.  And then – while that’s the most infamous example – there have been too many cases of genocide to include them all here.  

And so – 
go ahead and look yourself in the eye – 
think about what I wrote here –
and ask yourself –
what is the real abortion question –
and where do you stand?
Are you on the Easy Path – or the Path of Life?
What will you say to God about where you stand?
Not just what you’ve done – but what you support – and what you believe.

After all – as Jesus said –

Mt 5:21 “You have heard that it was said to the people long ago, ‘Do not murder, and anyone who murders will be subject to judgment.’ 22 But I tell you that anyone who is angry with his brother will be subject to judgment. Again, anyone who says to his brother, ‘Raca,’ is answerable to the Sanhedrin. But anyone who says, ‘You fool!’ will be in danger of the fire of hell.

Is it really hard to believe that Jesus would not feel the same about abortion?  That someone who believes abortion is OK – or who supports abortion – would not also be in the same position as the person who calls another a fool, and is considered guilty of murder?  Do you really want God to consider you guilty of murder, just for supporting abortion – on the Easy Path?


image from reellifechoices.com

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