Children of God

The Way Back Home

Tonight those kids are weeping While yours are safely sleeping Won’t you help the children find The way back home

Get some kleenex, and see a deeper message in this amazing song – The Way Back Home.

The way back home

Is the work really done? – Lyrics from Christian Music

Is the work really done?
When we sing this song, do we just hear “The work is done” – and then assume the work of Christianity is done?  It’s an important question.  I recently published something about the Great Commission, in which Jesus gives His followers our orders on how to go forward in life.

The response I got from one person was “The work is done, man”.  I was shocked.  But then this morning I heard the song with those words – The work is done.  Is that where the person who wrote the reply got his thinking?  Honestly, I don’t know.  But do we take the time and put in the effort to find out what the author of the song meant?

Is the work really done? - Lyrics from Christian Music
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