The problem of …

The problem of the circumstances surrounding Judas’ death

Even a lot of non-Christians know about Judas. He’s the guy who betrayed Jesus. An act that led to Jesus’ crucifixion. Something that had to happen. The crucifixion, that is. Without it, there’s no payment for our sins, no salvation, no resurrection, and no eternity in Heaven. So it’s all a really big deal.

But how much do we Christians really know about the events surrounding Judas’ death? And why does it even matter if we know or not?

The problem of the circumstances surrounding Judas' death

The problem of hating people of color

Do you know what’s the problem of hating people of color?  Well, one of many, actually.  So, so many.  But if you’re a regular here, you should know what’s going on with that question.  In “the problem of …” articles, I often write about things that might keep someone who claims to be Christian from entering Heaven.  On this site, that generally means things we love so much here on earth that we’d rather try to hang on to them than go to Heaven.  But this one’s the other way around.

The problem of hating people of color

The problem of too much freedom

The problem of too much freedom – how to compromise.

Let’s take just two issues and see what happens with compromising when there’s too much freedom.  When I say “too much freedom”, I mean when we pretty much start from scratch, which is what’s going on in this Seattle autonomous zone.  And probably in most situations like it.  Well, except for the reality that we never really start from scratch.

The problem of too much freedom

The problem of December – it’s depressing

What’s the problem of / with December?  Quite simply – it’s depressing.  It is for me.  And I’m sure I;m not alone.  If anything, I’d guess there’s a whole lot more depressed people at this time of year than you’d think.  It’s just that many are good enough actors that it’s hard to tell.

No – we’re not “supposed” to be depressed at this time.  It’s the holiday season!  Thanksgiving comes just before December starts.  But then, are we really all that thankful?  Or do we put up a good show, smile and look happy, no matter what we really feel inside.  Because this is the time when families get together.  Oh joy!  And pretend to like each other.  And especially to look like we’re doing great.  No matter what.

And it doesn’t end until after New Year’s. …

The problem of December - it's depressing

The problem of the forgotten holiday – Ascension Day

What is the forgotten holiday?  Actually, maybe not so much forgotten.  More like never really celebrated that much.  Ever.  I call it the “forgotten” holiday as a nod to Francis Chan’s book – The Forgotten God.  Does that help to identify it?  If you live someplace like France, Germany, Norway or Sweden – you’ll be wondering why I call it forgotten.  Your countries haven’t forgotten.  But if you’re like me, in the U.S. – or if you’re in the U.K., Canada or Australia – you get it.  Maybe, no matter the country, you get it if you’re Catholic.

So what is the forgotten holiday?  It’s Ascension Day. 

The forgotten holiday - Ascension Day

The Problem of Being Selfish

The Problem of Being Selfish.  Yes, most of us know being selfish isn’t good.  And we’re really good at recognizing when other people are selfish.  But do we know when we are being selfish?  Furthermore, for Christians, do we even realize the full extent of our selfishness?  Not to mention, how we should react when other Christians are selfish?  It may not be what you think.

The problem of talking about problems

The problem of talking about problems.  Most people don’t like it when other people talk about their problems.  On the flip side, lots of people don’t like to talk about their problems either.  So should we talk about our problems?  Or should we stay silent?  Maybe something in between?  And if it’s the in-between approach – how do we decide when to talk and when to stay silent?

the problem of talking about problems

The problem of Coexist – and – Love your enemy.

Coexist.  Love your enemy.  One is from man.  The other from God.  Can the two concepts actually “coexist”?  What about hatred?  Where does it fit in?

Coexist.  OK – you had to know it wasn’t going to be as simple as just getting along with each other.  True – even that is hard enough.  But look at the image to the right.  I haven’t seen it hardly at all lately, but it used to be a popular bumper sticker.

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