Just a thought

Is it true that God is “never gonna let me down”?

A person who attends church regularly – but still doesn’t know the back story behind the song – it’s perfectly reasonable to think that this song is written by someone who has had their life blessed by God and is celebrating that.  Which she is – don’t get me wrong.  But does the person singing the song know that Sarah wrote this song, not in spite of what happened in her life – but exactly because of what happened – and what God is doing for her?  I doubt that very much.

Friday the 13th is Christian?

… That’s why Christians call the Friday commemorating Jesus’ crucifixion Good Friday – not “horrible friday”.  One more time – not because of the way Jesus died, but because of the fact that we made Jesus’ death necessary by our own actions.  It’s Good Friday, because that death is what saves us from God’s judgement.

We know nothing of religion here: we think only of Christ.

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And that is what should be our focus. Not the things that drive wedges between people – not on one religion’s minute details that cause us to focus on something other than Jesus.

Is this still true of Christians today?

If people – Christian or non-Christian – were too look at us today, would they see the same things in us?
I’m assuming I don’t have to actually answer that question – but I’m going to anyway.
No – they wouldn’t.

Sometimes you’re the Louisville Slugger …

… when you’re the batting practice ball. At least if you’re a ball in the big game – tied at the bottom of the ninth with two outs – you’ve got a chance for glory. But when you’re the batting practice ball – you just get hit over and over – with no chance for glory.

The problem of imperfect knowledge 2

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I would imagine the scene above plays out fairly often. Someone is murdered. Someone else wonders – “where was God when … was murdered?”

The problem of Christian hypocrites

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So then – we’re all serial killers, aren’t we? To expect anything else is to not understand our own need for salvation.

If your goal is to offend no one …

… In all sorts of places, speaking truth will end up causing a lawsuit. In colleges – it’s a violation of whatever they call the rules against speaking truth to our sensitive little children who are supposed to be exposed to the very thing they object to – truth.

Free Will in the Garden of Eden

We argue between different denominations about whether God allows free will or has total control over every little thing that happens. It’s the argument between foreknowledge (that God knows what will happen) versus predestiny (God predetermines what’s going to happen). As I was reading this, it was like a light went on.