Who cries for you?

“In my entire life, I couldn’t recall a single person who had ever cried for me. In retrospect I recognize how sad that was.”

          from “Double Cross” by James David Jordan



I read that line in the book.
Then a few sentences later, I thought, “gee, that really is sad”.

On the next page, I started to wonder if anyone had ever cried for me.
I couldn’t think of anyone.
I thought, “that’s depressing”.

Later that night, as I was having my quiet time with God before falling asleep –
He reminded me. “I did.  I cried for you.”

Of course.

Jesus wept.

It’s the shortest verse in the Bible.  John 11:35.

For the context, it’s when Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead.
Jesus cried because He was trying to explain the good news of salvation and the resurrection, with subsequent eternal life with Him.
And the people weren’t getting it.

If you’re not seeing the connection, the people that Jesus wept for – is everyone.
It’s the people who were present at that particular event, obviously.
But it’s also every one of us.  Because we don’t really truly get it either.

God loves us so much that He sent Jesus, His Son, to pay the price for everything we had done, are doing, and will ever do.
That’s a kind of love that we just can’t relate to.

And the fact that we don’t get it at all – that’s why Jesus cried.
Jesus cried for them.
And Jesus cried for us.

Even if we get it a little bit now – there was a time when we didn’t.  
We didn’t have even the slightest little clue.
Even when we know the words and say them – it’s still not like we really understand.

And Jesus wept.  For us.  Because of that.

So the next time we’re feeling bad about our lives, feeling like no one cares enough to cry for us,
we just need to remember that someone did cry for us.
Jesus cried for us.  
No one loves us more than Jesus does.  No one.

And who could be better than that?

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