Warnings and Encouragements

Do not be afraid because of them! But who is “them”?

Do not be afraid because of them! That might sound good. But who said it? Who was it said to? Does it apply to us? And who is “them”? Who is it that we shouldn’t be afraid of? Oh yeah – why shouldn’t we be afraid? These are all good questions. Will we ask them? Or will we just run with the statement not to be afraid? Especially if we’re Christian and we know this comes from the Bible!

Do not be afraid because of them!

Don’t settle for less, #06: Don’t procrastinate

Don’t procrastinate. Maybe you’re still asking, why not procrastinate?  Even if we never do the thing God’s asking us to do, won’t He have a Plan B?  Won’t He have someone else do it instead?  But that’s missing the point.  It was a task we were created to do.  For the One who created us.

Let me create a picture for you, then explain it.  Remember the image at the top of the page?  It was a burned out light bulb, trying to get someone’s attention.  Trying to say it needs to be replaced.

Now, let’s say that light bulb represents the Holy Spirit in us.  Fortunately, the Holy Spirit will be trying to get our attention before it goes out.  But if it does go out, we’re in trouble.  If it goes out, if the Holy Spirit is no longer in us, then we’ve done what Jesus warned us about in the following passage from Luke’s gospel.

Don't procrastinate

Count the cost

I do know now, after these past 7 years.  Some of it was for others, based on feedback I’ve received.  Some of it was certainly for me.  The cost has been high.  And yet, looking at the image at the top, I realize that when we’re talking about this particular cost, it’s really not necessary to blow up the budget – because the budget is way bigger than we can even begin to realize.

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