Do you think domestic violence is satanic?

Do you think domestic violence is satanic? Why or why not? Did you know the Pope said it’s “almost satanic”? I was shocked when I read that. I don’t understand. If domestic violence isn’t satanic then what is? Maybe I need to ask, what is domestic violence? Or possible, what is satanic? Do I have a wrong idea about one or both of them? I don’t think so!

Do you think domestic violence is satanic?

The problem of “Wives submit to your husbands”

Wives submit to your husbands?  Seriously?  Isn’t that outdated?  Sexist? Wrong?
Well, actually, no – but …
For one thing, It’s taken out of context.
For another, there are also conditions attached that aren’t met.
And all of that is because it’s also incomplete.

Wives submit to your husbands
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