Oh – by the way – that forgiveness thing. It’s good for anything we have done. Literally – anything. There’s nothing, no matter what some may say, that won’t be forgiven. Some would say if you’ve done certain things – you can’t be in “the church”. Well – maybe not in their “church”. But in Jesus’ church – sincerely ask for forgiveness from Jesus – and you will be forgiven.

The problem of Easter

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Has the Easter Bunny messed up our concept of Easter so much that even Christians don’t really know what it’s about?
Apparently, the answer, in too many cases, is an astounding YES!

I’m proud of you, you know …

There is, of course, a catch here. We never know when the last moment will come. I was in a car accident a couple years ago where I had less than a second before knowing I was going to be hit. “Life”, in the traditional sense, could end at any time.

There may be no tomorrow. We go wherever he takes us. Version 1

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he looks safe enough. But what do we really know about him? And who would ever put themselves in a position like that – following him wherever he takes us? But not knowing ahead of time where we’re going? “There may be no tomorrow. We go wherever he takes us.” No one – right?

What kind of parent would I be if … 4

We always talk about how God, through Jesus, knows all about the things that we will face in this life.
Even this … The Father knows exactly what we go through – even when we face these kinds of decisions. And what did the Father model for us?

Have you heard this from the pulpit?

Have you heard anything like this before?
“We have mocked his (Jesus’) victory by whitewashing the enemy for the sake of our neighbor’s approval.” He blinked and drew a deep breath. “Imagine me talking like that from the pulpit. It would scare the breath out of most of them.””