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New search options for finding articles

Two new search options are available for finding articles based on either a specific passage or verses from a specific book of the Bible.  The goal is to make it easier for you to find relevant articles based on a Book of the Bible or even a specific passage you may be interested in.

Search for articles with verses from a selected Book of the Bible – a drop-down box lists all the book of the Bible, in alphabetical order.

Search for articles with selected NIV passage subtitle – a drop-down list has all the passages currently indexed from the site.  They’re in alpha order, so you can just start typing the NIV passage / section title.  As you type, it will narrow down the passages.

life buoy to illustrate Which god provides salvation for us?

Which god provides salvation for us?

Which god provides salvation for us?  Different people have different “gods” or deities.  Even those who claim to have no “god” have one – maybe they view themselves as “the deity” of their own world.  From there, we should recognize that outside of people who believe this life is “all there is” – we want something from our deity.  One of those things we want from our “god” is “salvation” – we want that “god” to save us from something.

Our Father

Our Father

This then is how you should pray: Our Father…
But what does the word “Father” really mean? It’s a common enough word. But does it have the “common” meaning in this context?

The Screwtape Letters Study Guide

The Screwtape Letters Study Guide

I was going through some of the study guides on the net for this book. We tried to use them in a small group at church. We found that they were maybe too structured – didn’t leave enough room to really consider life – our lives – the things actually happening – and how to relate them to both the Bible and to the things that encounter every day.

That’s the goal here – to provide a more open set of questions. This is the way our group ended up going – with more open ended questions to think about and discuss.  For those times when it’s difficult to get a discussion started for any given question, I’ve also included some possible “answers” to get things going.

Which God provides salvation for us? New Site

While godversusreligion.com will continue to focus on God – often looking at the differences between what God says in the Bible and what religions say in their practices and interpretations of God’s Word – the new site – whichgodsaves.com will focus on the “gods” of different religions and how they view (or don’t) salvation – with salvation loosely defined as saving us for the next life, not for another life here on earth, and certainly not for oblivion after this life.

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