Which God provides salvation for us? New Site

After various attempts to talk about the differences between various religions and what they say about “God” and “salvation”, I’ve decided to take the topic to a new site.

It just launched today, with an article titled

Which “God” provides salvation for us?

While godversusreligion.com will continue to focus on God – often looking at the differences between what God says in the Bible and what religions say in their practices and interpretations of God’s Word – the new site – whichgodsaves.com will focus on the “gods” of different religions and how they view (or don’t) salvation – with salvation loosely defined as saving us for the next life, not for another life here on earth, and certainly not for oblivion after this life. 

Having said that, the lack of salvation in one of these “religions” may be pointed out when we talk about a specific topic.  After all, whether or not one is “saved” may very well depend on what we do here on earth – especially depending on the teachings of the “religion”. 

Even Christianity points out the difference between what we say, and what’s in our heart.  Saying the sinner’s prayer isn’t enough to guarantee a “ticket to Heaven”.  As we know, one of the men on the cross with Jesus was told he’d be with Jesus in paradise that very day – and he never said any such prayer.

Therefore, it’s important to look at what the various “religions” talk about as far as both what to believe and what to do – compared / contrasted to what we really do and what’s really in our hearts.

If that sounds interesting – I invite you to go over to the new site and subscribe / follow it.

Hope to see you over there …

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