Why do bad things happen to good people?

Why do bad things happen to good people?

I know this is a question that gets asked a lot.

Especially when bad things happen to people that someone thinks are good.
Maybe someone else thinks the victim is good.
Maybe the victims themselves think they are good.

But seriously –

How often has this ever happened?

How often has a good person had something bad happen to them?

One time.

Yes – once.

And for some reason that most people probably couldn’t explain – we call that thing “good”.

Know who that was?


The person:

Spoiler - click the plus sign for a hint


and the bad thing that happened:

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I thought of this while I was working on moving a couple things over here from my old site.  
They were, of course, about bad things that were happening to me.

The first one is called When bad things happen and it starts off with –

I had a hard time with the title on this one. It was tempting to call it “when bad things happen to good people” –
but that presupposes I’m “good people”. I prefer to leave that to God. I have a much better chance of coming out “good” …

I’m kind of happy to see that even back in December of 2011 – at least I had the sense to not try to claim I was good.

Those other articles I mentioned are coming.
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