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Who told you … being gay is among the greatest gifts from God?

Who told you that being gay was even a gift from God, let alone one of His greatest gifts?  Maybe you saw it in the news, from Tim Cook?  If that’s your source – have you considered who told him?  Since he mentions “God” with a capital G – there’s an assumption that the God Mr. Cook is talking about is the God of either the Jews, Christians, or Muslims (in order of the appearance of each religion).  If you’re making the same assumption – that it is the God of one of these three religions – “who told you” is an incredibly important question.  The picture to the left is of a Holy Book.  There’s intentionally no clear indication (hopefully) that it’s either an Old Testament, a New Testament, or a Qur’an.  The point is – whichever of these you get your beliefs about God – the answer to the  “who told you” question should always be supported by that book. So that’s what we’re going to examine here.   Let me get one thing out of the way first – if you’re hoping to find a hate piece here – denouncing Tim Cook – sorry but that’s not […]

Abraham, Paul & God. A look at faith. A process, not an instant happening.

All of us do some pretty unbelieving things, both before and after we accept Jesus.  God knows that we are weak and will need His strength.  With the strength of God – we can walk with Him, albeit not right away and not perfectly. Because Jesus died for our sins, if we accept Him as our savior – God will call us His friend – and will consider us righteous. I wrote the original version of this back on October 18, 2009.  Five years later, I did an update – October 26, 2014 – the updates are in text like this, so you can tell what’s new.   Really?  I don’t have to be perfect first?  Yes – Really!  Let’s look at Abraham – someone that Jesus talked about several times – someone who is the “father” of three religions: Judaism, Christianity (both through Isaac), and Islam (through Ishmael).  If you don’t already know Abraham’s history – prepare to be shocked.  And be prepared to have hope for each and every one of us, after you see what Abraham did – not before God called him, but even after God called him! Let’s start with a passage from Romans 4 to start […]

Elections and Faith

As we approach voting time, many people will vote according to their faith.  Who knows – some may even vote according to their resistance to any faith.  There’s a perception (justified or not) that religious people, especially Evangelical Christians  tend to vote for the republican ticket. Seems like a good time to see what Jesus had to say about the government in His time.   Before looking at what Jesus said, let’s look at a little history of the period. The Romans took control of Jerusalem in 63 BC.  starting with that, we have a number of significant events:   So – it’s against this backdrop that we take a look at the three years of Jesus’ ministry on earth, and what the political climate was at that time. What they wanted:  From the Nelson Study Bible, we see what was desired for in their Messiah (or deliverer of the Jewish people): In the first century, the Jews looked for a Messiah who would deliver the nation from Roman domination, become their King, and rebuild the nation of Israel to its former glory. By looking for a military deliverer and a political Messiah, the Jews minimized the messianic roles of prophet and priest. Thus […]