Screwtape Letters

The Screwtape Letters series has been completely reformatted to provide full functionality on desktops, tablets and smart phones.  That includes the color-coded text to make it easier to differentiate various aspects of the pages, such as who is speaking, questions, suggested study areas, Etc.

The Screwtape Letters Study GuideThe ability to collapse / expand the discussion hints is also fully functional on all devices. including smart phones.

In the process, it’s also been significantly enhanced to display much faster.

It’s also still free.

Here’s what we did in the group for which I first wrote this guide:

Study methodology

As far as how to use the guide – feel free to adopt your own method – but here’s what we did –

● The questions page was distributed to everyone in the group at least a week before we met to go over each chapter.

● In general – we did one chapter each week – meeting once a week in the evening. That gave plenty of time for discussion and other questions that came up.

● We went around the table – each person in turn reading the section from the book – the question(s) for that section – and answering the question. Sometimes – answering it would also include more questions.

● After that – it was open for the rest of the group to talk further – ask more – whatever – until everyone had a chance to say what they wanted for each one.

● Depending on how the discussion went – there were different possibilities for what to do with the answer portion of the guide:

○ Sometimes it wasn’t needed at all, since the discussion already covered everything.

○ Sometimes it was used to just close out / summarize the discussion.

○ It rarely happened – but if needed, it was available to be used to start a discussion.

I really hope this is of value to you and / or your group as you study this book.

Contact me – I’d love to hear back on how you’re doing with it – if you have any comments or suggestions.

Enjoy – and learn!


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