“God, help me” he muttered.

“God, help me,” he muttered. But that was stupid, because he didn’t believe in God.”


But maybe there was a Satan and his number had come up on Satan’s big spinning wheel…”
     from “Heaven’s Wager (The Heaven Trilogy Book 1) by Ted Dekker

I actually witnessed this one time.  I was going to work, on a college campus, during the first week of classes.  It was “rush week” for the fraternities, sororities, and various clubs.  There was a table set up for the Humanist Club.  There was one person sitting at the table, and another one rushing over to join him.  The one at the table – all by himself, with no support because his associate was late – said to the newcomer:

Thank God you’re here!

True story.

Does this sound like you?  Don’t believe in God – but you’re thanking Him?

image from glasgow-effect.tumblr.com

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