… Like you (I) did?


Like you did?


Like I did?

I was listening to President Obama speaking to reporters at a NATO meeting  just now.  While he was talking about the shootings in this country lately, those shot by police and the police shot in Dallas – I couldn’t help but keep saying –

Like you did?

He would say something about how we should act.  Except he doesn’t act that way.  And I’d think – “Like you did”?

He would say something about how we should speak.  Except he doesn’t speak that way.  And I’d think – “Like you did”?

Over and over – I’d be thinking “Like you did”?

But then it hit me – am I guilty of the same things? 
Should I be asking myself – “Like I did”? – with the same tone of voice and the same implications?

Is it a case of accusing him of “do what I say, not what I do”?
while at the same time being guilty of the very same “do what I say, not what I do”?

So I put together the image at the top of the page –

When we are about to speak or to do something –

  • look in the mirror – look closely at ourselves – what we’re about to say or do
  • add in the next step – include God in our process
  • consider Proverbs 4:23 – are our thoughts really controlling us, as well as impacting the people we’re directing our words / actions towards – are we about to say or do something that we’d be upset if someone else said or did the very same thing – how would God feel about what we’re thinking of?
  • put those two together –
  • if we really do those two things – look at ourselves – modify our thoughts / words / actions if necessary to put them in line with what God would want from and for us – 
  • then we will truly be able to do what President Obama tried to do – and failed miserably.  We will be able to at least start to bring about healing.

If we don’t do these things, chances are very great that not only will we fail to bring about healing – 
we’ll actually make things worse.

To put it simply,

before speaking or acting
engage brain
engage in prayer
listen for answer
rethink our words or actions
modify as appropriate
finally – speak, act, or choose to say and do nothing.


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