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So in love with two - Jesus and ???

So in love with two – Jesus and ???

You may remember So in love with two. It comes from a song about a girl in love with two boys. But I look at it as a Christian, in love with Jesus and someone or something else.

Ultimately it’s not up to us to decide what Jesus is asking of us.

It’s up to us to decide whether we want to do what He is asking.

If we decide which things we want to do and which we don’t – the result will be like that camel going through the eye of a needle – it’s not gonna happen.

If we do what Jesus asks – then all things are possible – including that camel making it through the eye of the needle.

So – what did Mikaila’s song choose?

Hey, hey, hey

I choose the both of you

Uh Oh.

You are amazing! Who are you people?

You are amazing! Who are you people?

You are amazing.  What does it take to have someone say that to us?  But even then, what does it mean?  What does amazing really mean?  What kind of amazing do we want to be?  And why?

We are those who must withdraw from society in order to survive it. Like you, we have all undergone a drastic change to everything we know. For many of us, secluding ourselves was the only remaining option if we wished to conduct normal lives. The world does not welcome us anymore, so we have made a place where we can belong, here, together. In this place, far from the cares of civilization, we are safe.

Is Covid 19 a modern-day Exile?

Is Covid-19 a modern-day Exile?

Is Covid-19 a modern-day exile scenario?

We look at the virus as a bad thing, maybe from God.  However, those who have read the Bible know that sometimes God allows bad things in order to bring about better things.  Or to wake up His people.

So, what if this is God’s way of showing us that we need to wake up?  We’re supposed to be living in this world as if we’re in exile – right here, wherever we are.  In exile from our Heavenly home.  But we’re too busy turning this into a false “heaven on earth” kind of thing.

And we’re falling in love with it.  And by doing that, we’re at risk of losing our real Heavenly home that God created for us.

worship song at concert

What’s in a worship song? or two?

What’s in a worship song?  Well, it’s a song.  So there’s music, unless it’s “a capella”.  And it’s worship, so there must be words.  After all, worship is about praising and honoring.  Words are kind of important when doing that.  More specifically, in a Christian worship song, it’s about praising God.  The God we believe created – everything.  The songs should reflect that.  What else should be in Christian worship songs?  Love.  And Truth.

These things probably seem line no-brainers.  Of course, they should all be there.  By, when we sing or listen to them, do we really think about what’s in a worship song that we’re directing to God?  Do we just blindly sing the words, whatever they might be?  Or do we meditate on them as we’re singing?  In essence, are we praying those words?

happy dog

A note on happiness

Are we supposed to be happy?  To most people, the answer is probably obvious.  At least it may seem obvious.  But to others, like me, who have issues with depression – the answer is hardly obvious at all.  Being happy can feel like something for other people.  Whether happiness is something to experience can be a question for Christians as well.

The preachers who are into the so-called prosperity gospel, which isn’t in the New Testament, say – of course, God wants us to be happy.  But what does Jesus actually say about being happy during His time on this planet?  Jesus’ words should be shocking to those proponents and believers of that “prosperity gospel”.

I’m asking this question because I’m trying to write this series on The Beatitudes.  You know – the part of the Sermon On The Mount where everything starts with “Blessed are …”?  Well, if you didn’t know already, that can also be translated as “happy are …”.

When you read it, it sounds kind of odd.  Actually – it can sound really odd.

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