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What happened to Christian transformation - becoming more Christ-like?

What happened to Christian transformation – becoming more Christ-like?

What happened to Christian transformation? You know – becoming more Christ-like? It used to be important. But now, does it mean anything more than switching to a church that we like better? One that supports our view of God, the way we created Him? That’s as opposed to a church that teaches and helps us to become more like Jesus. The Jesus Christ who’s the namesake of the Christianity.

don't speak negatively of yourself

Don’t settle for less, #01: don’t speak negatively of yourself

Don’t speak negatively of yourself

OK.  To some extent, that’s also true from a Christian point of view.  To some extent.  However, some changes are needed.  It maybe seems weird, but there are two totally opposite ways that some (many?) Christians perceive themselves.  As with most extremes, I think both are, well, for lack of a better word – extreme – and therefore not right.  As usual, someplace in the middle is where we should be.

That may sound odd to most Christians.  After all, Jesus told us something about being the least.  You may remember it.

Why is Christmas so scary? What it’s really about.

Christmas.  It’s the time when we hear so much about how it brings out the best in people.  It’s time to give gifts.  It’s time to be nice to other people.  All those things.

Scary stuff – isn’t it?

And then there’s the baby – Jesus – the true “reason for the season”.
A little baby.
Very scary.

Don’t laugh.
It’s true.

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