Self-folding material?

  Did the paper plane on the left really fold itself into that shape?   Does that make the paper – or whatever material it is – “intelligent?   Is this the first inanimate object that can manipulate itself?   Or, for those old enough to remember them, is this like the SASE? Remember the SASE?  In case you don’t – it was a “Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope”. I never did get them to work properly.  The darned things never did address or stamp themselves.   They failed to function – at all. Every single time I always ended up addressing them and putting on the stamp myself! So has the problem finally been solved? There’s a clue in the sentence below – along with more propaganda. Call it one small step for material science, one giant leap for origami. Researchers have created the first heat-reactive polymer material that can not only remember its current shape but also memorize new ones. The clue – it’s heat reactive. The propaganda – that it “memorizes” new shapes. PLEASE!!! What is the need by some people to give “intelligence” to objects that don’t have any? What is the need to make inanimate objects somehow seem to […]