God, The Father – Friend or Foe? A look at Pharaoh.

“God has not forgotten you.”   When you hear that – does it make you happy? Or would you rather that God would just forget you?  Interestingly enough – if you really want Him to forget you, He will.  Eventually. But you have to ask yourself, “Is that what I really want?”       If you believe God’s your friend – you’re undoubtedly happy to remember that God will never forget you. If you believe God’s your enemy – you’re likely wishing that He would just forget all about you. BTW – if you answered that question with either yes or no – but you consider yourself an atheist – I have to ask you – who is it exactly that you wish would forget you? This is something I still don’t understand about atheists – how you can get so worked up over something that you are so sure doesn’t exist!  What’s the point?  Why waste the time? Or is it that maybe God is in you somewhere – trying to stir up your interest in Him?   So – let’s get on with it. God was cruel and mean to Pharaoh This is along the lines of […]