video games

The problem of rules

Rules?   Rules are for suckers, right? No one follows rules anymore. Except for one really important instance. Know what it is? You’re probably wrong. Read on to find out.     It’s video games!  Think about it.   Speed limits?  Who follows them, other than Corolla drivers?  No one.  Unless you’re playing a video game.  If you’re playing a driving game – the car only goes as fast as it goes.  Even if you want to go faster – you can’t.  And you’re OK with it.  Because those are the rules. Let’s say it’s a sports game.  In real life – sportsmanship is pretty much gone.  Anything goes when it comes to getting a penalty called.  “Diving” is what it’s known as.  Everyone complains about it.  But everyone does it.  It’s not bad sportsmanship any more – it’s not getting an edge.  With people as judges and referees, you can get away with things.  So you try.  And even have the nerve to complain when you don’t get the call you wanted – even though you know you don’t deserve to get it in the first place!  But with computers – that doesn’t happen.  And you’re OK with it. […]