The choices we make

The choices we make are really important.  Even the little ones can have a lasting impact.  And I don’t mean just for a year or two.  I mean – like forever.

The choices we make

It’s like all those doors on the right.  They look identical.  But are they really?

Probably not.  If we look close enough, there are bound to be differences.  The question is – will we take the time to look that close?  Or will we just launch, full speed ahead, into one of them without even thinking about what might be on the other side?  Without even trying to see if there are any clues on this side of the door.  Clues as to what might be on the other side.  The choices we make are important.

The choices we make

Maybe the first thing to consider is whether or not we really understand what might be on the other side.  If we think we can deal with whatever comes our way, all by ourselves, then we likely don’t give much consideration to that.  But, if we realize that there’s always someone / something bigger, stronger, scarier than us – we’re hopefully that much more prepared for what’s on the other side.  The choices we make are important.

Or, do we think about what we might need, rather than just what we want.  We do that in video games.  We need to pick some things up along the way to getting the prize at the end.  Something to save us from the enemy.  Or better yet, something to destroy the enemy.  But then, do we do the same things in real life?  Or does that kind of thinking go out the window when the game’s over?  The choices we make are important.

In the end, the most important choices we make are related to God and the devil.  Do we believe they exist?  Do we even care whether they exist?  Along the way, even the little choices we make can shape our view of these most important choices.  If those video games, TV shows we watch, friends we keep, Etc. are teaching us that God and Satan aren’t real – then ultimately they will affect the choices we make.

And in the literal end, our choices affect the choice God will make.  We’ll hear one of the following two things from Jesus:

Well done, good and faithful servant.


I never knew you. Away from me, you evildoers!

The choices we make are important.

What are your choices?


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