demanding the meaning of truth

Demanding the meaning of truth – Part 1

Demanding the meaning of truth.  It’s from an interesting song – Freedom for the World.  Full of hope – like the title words, demanding the meaning of truth.  Also full of warnings like, if we don’t get it together we’ll be gone.  Not to mention the conclusion, Look to your heart and let love lead the way.  The irony is that depending on your point of view, the words of the song lead to wildly varying meanings of truth!  We will, of course, look at it from a Christian point of view.

Not the “nominal” Christian who tends to be little more than Christian in name only.  Or from the “average” Christian, who follows the parts of Jesus’ teachings that they like, and finds ways to rationalize ignoring the things they don’t like.  Instead, we’ll look at it from the point of view of the way Christians are actually taught to live.  A way that none actually achieve, other than Jesus Himself.