Why is Christmas so scary? What it’s really about. 2

Christmas.  It’s the time when we hear so much about how it brings out the best in people.  It’s time to give gifts.  It’s time to be nice to other people.  All those things.

Scary stuff – isn’t it?

And then there’s the baby – Jesus – the true “reason for the season”.
A little baby.
Very scary.

Don’t laugh.
It’s true.

The problem of inerrancy

Someone asked a while back on one of the posts if I believe in the inerrancy of the Bible. The implication was that no reasonable person could possibly believe such a thing.  After all – who could possibly believe that the earth was created in six literal days? Or that people walked with dinosaurs?  My answer would be something along the lines of – exactly where does the Bible say either of those things?  In fact – it doesn’t. The problem isn’t errors in the Bible – the problem is errors in people’s interpretation of the Bible.  If someone wants the Bible to say something – they’ll find a way to make that happen.  It’s human nature to do things like that.  And it’s not just with the Bible.   Look at statistics.  Having taken a few graduate level statistics courses and programmed several statistical analysis models – including for a motion picture studio and a US Navy contractor – I think I have a bit of a background to confirm an old saying – there are lies, damned lies, and statistics.  While they are purely mathematical in nature – they say what they say – the way people interpret […]

The problem of “a Better Place”

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What are we really doing when we say someone’s in “a better place”?
Being nice? We think so.
Lying? Probably.
Is being honest better?

Forgiven – update on Vanishing Grace

Jesus was someone that spent time and ate with all sorts of “sinners”. In the Gospels we see Him with the likes of tax collectors, roman soldiers, and prostitutes. Scandalous in His time – and in too many churches today, it’s the same.

Sometimes you’re the Louisville Slugger …

… when you’re the batting practice ball. At least if you’re a ball in the big game – tied at the bottom of the ninth with two outs – you’ve got a chance for glory. But when you’re the batting practice ball – you just get hit over and over – with no chance for glory.

Do Christians really know what “Christian Hope” is?

Jesus never said anything about listening to Him or watching Him. Far from it. He actually said “Follow me”. That’s where our hope is.
Our hope is in following Jesus, Even if that means through the valley of the shadow of death.

Nobody ever went away from an encounter with Jesus saying, “That was a good talk.”

… if you’re thinking something like Jesus is good to talk to – or a good moral teacher – or the same as other religions – you need to think again. He wasn’t. Jesus is better than that.

Should I not be concerned about [Nineveh] that great city?

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Seriously. One of God’s own prophets was angry about the people God wanted to save actually listening to the message and being saved. Sounds unbelievable, doesn’t it. Don’t be too quick to say yes, it’s unbelievable. Because …

On This Rock – Part 1 – Intro & Prologue 3

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You have successfully figured out rule #1. Since you’re the first to do it, your task now is to get the rest of the world to believe rule #1. No pressure, but the fate of the every living person hangs in the balance.

“triumph of the human spirit” … What does that mean?

One of the most telling scenes from the movie about how to answer that question had to do with believing what we choose to believe. One of the lines in that conversation is from Mario (the character played by Antonio Banderas) –