God’s Wrath Against Mankind

Is condemnation in Christianity a you problem?

Is condemnation in Christianity a you problem? While out walking this afternoon, there were two people across the street from me that were so loud you couldn’t help but hear them. Given COVID concerns right now, I’m glad they were on the other side of the street! Anyway, the relevant line in their conversation was, “If you want to condemn half the population of the world, that’s a you problem.” Apparently, the speaker wasn’t Christian and the other was, unless they were just disagreeing in preparation for a debate or something.

Christianity presents each of us with two options. Salvation. Or condemnation. So the conclusion seems to be, for this person, that condemnation in Christianity is our problem, as Christians. But is that true?

Is condemnation in Christianity a you problem

Blessed are the pure in heart

Blessed are the pure in heart.  What does that even mean?  In this day and age, do we even know what the word “pure” means?  And what’s meant by the word heart?  We hopefully know it’s not about someone with a healthy heart pumping pure blood without infections, foreign matter, or other impurities.  But what is it?

Blessed are the pure in heart

Dragons and the things God has prepared for those who love him

The goal here wasn’t to tell you that toothless will be in Heaven.  And it wasn’t to get you to want to ride around the universe on him.  No, the goal was to get you to think.  Even more so, to dream.  And dream big.  Really big.  And very good.  To get you to realize that no matter how good you may think this life is, the next life will be so much better.  Better than you think.  Better than you can dream about.  And something you really don’t want to miss.

Dragons and the things God has prepared for those who love him

A note on happiness

Are we supposed to be happy?  To most people, the answer is probably obvious.  At least it may seem obvious.  But to others, like me, who have issues with depression – the answer is hardly obvious at all.  Being happy can feel like something for other people.  Whether happiness is something to experience can be a question for Christians as well.

The preachers who are into the so-called prosperity gospel, which isn’t in the New Testament, say – of course, God wants us to be happy.  But what does Jesus actually say about being happy during His time on this planet?  Jesus’ words should be shocking to those proponents and believers of that “prosperity gospel”.

I’m asking this question because I’m trying to write this series on The Beatitudes.  You know – the part of the Sermon On The Mount where everything starts with “Blessed are …”?  Well, if you didn’t know already, that can also be translated as “happy are …”.

When you read it, it sounds kind of odd.  Actually – it can sound really odd.

happy dog

Can I trust what I think I know?

Is what I know real knowledge or just knowledge?  Well, that depends.  Knowledge has a dictionary definition.  But there’s also a social component related to what can be known and therefore can be considered knowledge.  And then there’s our own brains that also get involved in what we consider knowledge, as opposed to something less than knowledge.

Can I trust what I think I know?
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