Jesus and Beelzebub - Matthew

Is abortion the only pro-life issue?

She doesn’t know what to do.  She doesn’t really want to have an abortion.  But doesn’t know what else to do, because the Christians are screaming at her to not have the abortion.  But then if she has the baby, she also knows those many of those same Christians have, under the name of their political party, made it pretty much impossible for her to support the child.  And, few of them will offer any kind of help.

Tell me.  Who all sinned in that scenario?

Is abortion the only pro-life issue?

What’s in a worship song? or two?

What’s in a worship song?  Well, it’s a song.  So there’s music, unless it’s “a capella”.  And it’s worship, so there must be words.  After all, worship is about praising and honoring.  Words are kind of important when doing that.  More specifically, in a Christian worship song, it’s about praising God.  The God we believe created – everything.  The songs should reflect that.  What else should be in Christian worship songs?  Love.  And Truth.

These things probably seem line no-brainers.  Of course, they should all be there.  By, when we sing or listen to them, do we really think about what’s in a worship song that we’re directing to God?  Do we just blindly sing the words, whatever they might be?  Or do we meditate on them as we’re singing?  In essence, are we praying those words?

worship song at concert
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