… Like you (I) did?

  Like you did? or Like I did? I was listening to President Obama speaking to reporters at a NATO meeting  just now.  While he was talking about the shootings in this country lately, those shot by police and the police shot in Dallas – I couldn’t help but keep saying – Like you did? Post Views: 7

Ignorance of the law

  Ignorance of the law is no excuse! Unless ….   The one in the news right now is — unless your last name is Clinton.   But that’s just today.   Pick your favorite way to complete the words after “unless …” – then read on. Post Views: 12

The problem of arrogance

  One of many problems with arrogance is never getting to know anyone who really is better. It’s almost funny. Arrogant people want to be special. But they refuse to acknowledge that anyone is better than them.   By doing that, it’s impossible for them to get to know that better person.   Which makes it impossible for the arrogant person to get better.   Which – ironically – would give the arrogant person even more to be arrogant about!   Let me give you a really simple example. When I was in college, I wanted to learn how to play racquetball.  We had courts on campus.  I needed exercise.  But I didn’t know anyone else who played.  So I just started practicing by myself.   One day this guy knocks on the door – and asks if I’d like to play a set with him. I got destroyed.  Not surprising, since I’d never played another person – never played at real game speed.  And, he was good.  Well – at least way better than me. We started playing two or three times a week.  Slowly, I got better.  It got to be more and more of a contest.  It was […]

The problem of Global Warming

What’s the real problem of Global Warming? Arrogance. Here in California where I am, you can no longer build a house with a fireplace.  At least “regular” people can’t.  I’m sure that with enough money and loopholes, the rich people can do it.  But the average person can’t.  Because we will make global warming worse. There are also days when those of us in old houses that do have fireplaces are told we can’t use them.  Because we will make global warming worse. I’m waiting for the day when we’re told we can’t use our outdoor BBQ any more either. Because we will make global warming worse. Arrogance. Seriously. Look at this picture:   This is a picture from a forest fire raging in Alberta Canada as I’m writing this. Now – ask yourself – does this contribute to global warming? Does it maybe contribute to global warming more than some fireplaces and bbqs? And it’s not like this is the only fire.  There are lots of them. When I was in school – we used to be taught that things like forest fires were “nature’s” way of taking care of those forests.  The old / dead stuff was burned […]

The problem of religion and politics

  Do politics and religion really make strange bedfellows? They concluded that many Christians left the church because of the church’s active affiliation with conservative politics. You’d better believe it!  On both sides.  But the issue I have is why “the church” aligns itself with either side of politics.   And since they do, why isn’t everyone upset about something related to this? The simple fact is – in my opinion – neither part gets what Jesus taught. And therefore, unfortunately, “the church” isn’t really supporting what Jesus taught either. BTW – did you notice how “my opinion” became fact? Just checking to see if you’re paying attention. Post Views: 11

The problem of registering Muslims – or any group

  Donald Trump Sets Off a Furor With Call to Register Muslims in the U.S.   Sure – it sounds great to some people.  If they don’t think about it too much.  Even a little bit of thought would (should?) bring up all sorts of reasons why it’s not good at all. But then, how many of us actually do what my wife calls “play the movie forward”?  If we did, we’d have to take a hard look at ourselves – but the look may be more than worth the time and effort.   There’s this saying about when you point – some number of fingers point back at yourself.  Some say three.  Others say four, although my thumb isn’t capable of pointing back at me without a great deal of effort.  Either way – the “point” (pun intended) is that there are more fingers pointing back at us than there are pointing at the person to whom we point. Here’s the first part of the article from the New York Times that this story comes from. Under assault from Democrats and Republicans alike, Donald J. Trump on Friday drew back from his call for a mandatory registry of Muslims […]