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God – Where Are You? (Part 1)

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How often go we hear or read that Christianity isn’t relevant any more? The title line sounds like something from today – where people are wondering if God even exists. For instance:
“How long must I keep telling you that things are terrible? Why don’t you save us? …

The non-prodigal son

Lots of people know the story of the Prodigal Son. Even many non-Christians. But what of his brother? In Luke’s Gospel, the parable of the Prodigal (lost) Son is 22 verses. Only five of them are about the “other” brother. I can’t help but wonder though …

What attracts your attention?

It’s much better to listen to one – then the other. Then decide. You may be asking – “Did he really just say that?” – listen to both sides?
Yes – I did. Surprise – even Satan invited Eve to do that very thing – listen to both sides.

We say God’s taking care of that. Do we believe it?

… things happen. “Terrible” things happen. and then we turn to God. I even had that sign reminding me that He was there – and when that kind of thing comes up – He’s got it. But did I always remember that?

Take this in remembrance of me.

For me, it wasn’t just the blood of Jesus. Not like that’s anything I should even use the word “just” with. But I was young. And it was Paul that scared me to death. I knew I’d never be asked to be Jesus. But Paul – that’s a different story. And it’s not like Paul was the only follower of Jesus that suffered. Heck – they all did. I din’t want that.

How Christian are our leaders? 2

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I just got my new passport.

I know – what’s that got to do with Christianity? But then – I often say, if God is really everywhere – we should see evidence of Him, literally, everywhere.
So I saw evidence of Him there. In my passport.
But sometimes – I can’t help but notice that the apparent “evidence” is so fake.