What if God was a cell phone?


What if God was a cell phone?  It’d be a different world.

I was in a large parking lot this afternoon.  Totally packed.  Someone stopped right in the one of the main routes to the exit of the lot.  But it was OK.  She was on her cell phone.  No one honked.  Really.  No one honked.  People just drove around her van.  After all – she was talking to God.  

In a country founded and dedicated to freedom of religion and our right to worship God – this is to be expected, no?

On the way home, I also noticed people on the freeway – moving along at 70+ miles per hour (now that’s amazing!) – also on their cell phones.  Yes – it’s illegal to be on a cell phone where I live.  But hey – if someone’s talking to God – what’s a little law about not using cell phones?  Nothing will keep us from our God.

After getting off the freeway – I also noticed how many people would take a quick look at their cell phones while at a stop light.  This need to be in pretty much constant contact with God was getting a bit overwhelming.  I had no idea people had such a need for God.

Maybe it’s me who has the problem.  If I’m on the freeway – I ignore my cellphone.  If I’m on a surface street, I also ignore it – unless I’m expecting an important call.  My need for God isn’t as strong as other people.  I’m gonna have to work on that.


Then I woke up.

I really had gone out earlier.  Walking for 3 1/2 hours.  Saw all the people on their cell phones on the way home – including the lady stopped in the middle of the parking lot.  Took a break to listen to some music.  Fell asleep.

But when I woke up, I realized –
These people weren’t talking to their God.
These people were talking to their god.  Their cell phone god.

How about you?

Do you need constant contact with God?  Or with your cell phone god?

Is your cell phone your god?

or is God your God?



image from uninterestedpeople.wordpress.com

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