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Temptation – Did the Pope really change the Lord’s Prayer?

Did the Pope really change the Lord’s Prayer?  He did.  Sort of.  Pope Francis did change the translation of the Lord’s Prayer.  But the original Greek remains.  Christians believe, should believe, the Bible is the inspired word of God.  The translations are not the inspired word of God.  We hope they translators do a proper job.  But a look at various translation and especially at various commentaries on the Bible tells us they often don’t agree.  Even on key points like “lead us not into temptation”, they don’t agree.

Temptation - Did the Pope really change the Lord's Prayer?

A Jet for Jesus

A jet for Jesus.  Sounds good, doesn’t it?  How come Jesus never thought of that? OK – so Creflo Dollar lives in a time when jets actually exist, and Jesus had the misfortune of being born too early.  But still – how about a fleet of top “Dollar” horses to get around on?  Even the Roman …

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Jet for Jesus

Using Mary and Joseph to defend relationships with underage girls

Can you believe that someone is using Mary and Joseph to defend relationships with underage girls?  While the title from is misleading, the idea of using Jesus, or Mary and Joseph to defend someone accused of having a sexual relationship with an underage girl is nothing short of disgusting.  This isn’t even about whether or not the allegations are true.  In this life, that’s for a court to decide.  And ultimately it’s between the accused and God.

Are Muslim and Christian “jihadists” driving us to the End-Times?

In the days of Noah, people were evil in their hearts.  Tell me – how great is the evil in our hearts when even our talk of religion – what’s supposed to be our beliefs about God – turns into the kinds of things it is today?  How much evil does it take for one Catholic to call another Catholic equal to a jihadist?  How much evil does it take to have some Catholics call other Christians equal to a jihadist?

The problem of politics and religion
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