A Call to Persevere

Revelation – The letter to the persecuted church in Smyrna – (2) Divine Knowledge

In Part 2 of The letter to the persecuted church in Smyrna, we’ll look at the Divine Knowledge. The things Jesus knows about the church. Usually, this is good news for the receiving church. However, that’s not always the case. Jesus told the church in Smyrna, I know your afflictions and your poverty – yet you are rich! That certainly sounds good, doesn’t it? Let’s keep going, and find out more.

divine knowledge for the church in Thyatira

Don’t settle for less, #07: Don’t relentlessly collaborate

Don’t relentlessly collaborate as a “thing” for successful people seems to be at odds with being a successful Christian.  After all, what about church?  Bible study?  Small groups?  Christian community?  Aren’t those all important things for a Christian?  In fact, these Christian community meetings are so important, the author of Hebrews wrote about it in a passage the NIV titles A Call to Persevere.

But ultimately, for a Christian the key to success is knowing the difference between someone who can help us lead the kind of life taught by Jesus and led by the Holy Spirit, and someone who leads a life taught from the ideas of man rather than God.

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