Can we give thanks on Thanksgiving 2020?

2020 has been a difficult year. COVID is all over the world. With it comes various restrictions that make people upset. What seems to get lost is the more than 1,000,000 (1 million) people who’ve died from it. So far. There will be more. As you read this, more people will die. Also apparently forgotten or ignored are the healthcare workers. They tirelessly risk their lives, including for people who selfishly get sick for their own pleasure. These same healthcare workers also get sick. And they add to the number of dead and dying. But still, this is Thanksgiving. How do we give thanks?

Can we give thanks on Thanksgiving 2020?

Trust in God’s peace – living with cancer

God’s peace: Just over six months ago, I was diagnosed with cancer.  The genomic testing from the biopsy said I could wait for treatment and go into what they called active surveillance.  Part of the active surveillance is a rotation between biopsies and MRI’s.  According to the biopsy, as I said, it was reasonably safe to go into the surveillance mode.  They give the percentage chance that the cancer will spread beyond where it is, then you make your decision whether to remove it, treat it, or wait.  I chose to wait.

The thing is, years ago I think that waiting would have driven me crazy.  So much uncertainty.  Fear and anxiety.  And that would lead to depression.  Which would then lead to a desire to die.  Thoughts of suicide.  That’s the way I was.

But now, it hasn’t been that way.  Yes, I have the head knowledge to know that I can trust in God to take care of me.  And yes, I have the head knowledge to know that the next life is what’s most important.  But head knowledge doesn’t get rid of the fear and the anxiety.  It just can’t.

It’s only through what we Christians call heart knowledge that those things can be overcome

Trust in God's peace – living with cancer

Distractions – part 1 – run away from God, or run to God?

A funny thing happened on the way to writing Distractions.  I got distracted.  First, it was going to be an update to something I wrote almost eight years ago.  Somehow, it turned into something brand new.  Then, I got distracted again.  This time, by medical news.  News that raises the question – to run from God – or run to God?

Distractions - part 1 - run away from God, run or to God?
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