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Is condemnation in Christianity a you problem?

Is condemnation in Christianity a you problem? While out walking this afternoon, there were two people across the street from me that were so loud you couldn’t help but hear them. Given COVID concerns right now, I’m glad they were on the other side of the street! Anyway, the relevant line in their conversation was, “If you want to condemn half the population of the world, that’s a you problem.” Apparently, the speaker wasn’t Christian and the other was, unless they were just disagreeing in preparation for a debate or something.

Christianity presents each of us with two options. Salvation. Or condemnation. So the conclusion seems to be, for this person, that condemnation in Christianity is our problem, as Christians. But is that true?

Is condemnation in Christianity a you problem

After you have suffered a little while

After you have suffered a little while. Who are we talking about? And what is a little while? Not to mention, what happens after the suffering? And maybe, what is the suffering? How about why will this suffering take place? But first, where does this even come from?

After you have suffered a little while

How can I leave you again?

How can I leave you again? Some of you will recognize that question as the title of a John Denver song. Others will be reminded of someone. But who?

I’ve liked the song, How can I leave you again, for many years. Most likely ever since it came out in 1977. But the last few years, it has more meaning to me. Maybe, after reading this, it will for you as well.

How can I leave you again?

What can we learn about COVID from Lamentations?

What can we learn about COVID from Lamentations? I believe we can learn a lot. If we want to. Lamentations is about how the Israelites reacted to being defeated, having their homes and cities totally destroyed, and then either being in captivity in their homeland or being exiled to the land of their conqueror. Sounds pretty bad, right? Lamentations was a look at how the people reacted to those events. Reactions like anger. Blame. Self-pity.

But then they moved on to the point of recognizing what was really happening. They also moved on to the realization that there was hope. And where that hope was going to come from. So yeah – it sounds like we can learn quite a bit from Lamentations. The thing is though, the lessons learned back then were rather short-termed. Soon forgotten. Therefore, if we do learn anything from their experiences, the challenge for us is to hopefully remember what we learned.

How do I justify Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’ stance on abortion?

In light of that, should our hot button item be strictly focused on preventing abortion?

Or should our focus be on spreading the Gospel?

On getting people to understand why abortion is against God’s will, rather than only trying to make it against man’s law?

Shouldn’t we focus on the eternal souls of both the mother and the baby?  Helping the mother to navigate a difficult time?

Loving the mother, no matter her choice of whether to go through with the abortion or not?  Loving mother and baby if the mother chooses to go through with the birth?

Ultimately, shouldn’t we be more like Christ?  We are, after all, Jesus’ representatives here on earth – until He returns.  And that is part of what we’re to do per the Great Commission.  Judgment is His, not ours.  We are to love.  Even, and maybe especially, when we don’t want to.

Hot Button Item: How do I justify Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’ stance on abortion?

Suffering for doing good

If you’ve got that feeling to do good things, even with the potential cost to you, with no ulterior motives, with nothing but unselfish love for someone like your elderly neighbors that you’re shopping for, why not acknowledge that’s God?  Jesus told us He’d try to get our attention.

Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with him, and he with me.

Why not open that door and start bringing an end to the suffering for doing good?

Suffering for doing good

Where is God in the Coronavirus?

Where is God in the Coronavirus / Covid-19 Virus / whatever you call it?  The first place to look is in the mirror.  Whether you’re Christian or not, look in the mirror.  You can learn something from what you see.

Where is God in the Corona Virus?

Don’t settle for less, #02: don’t start the day without a plan

Don’t start the day without a plan.  It’s the second in a series of traits for successful people in the secular world that we’re going to look at.  However, we’re going to see how these same traits can be applied to becoming a “successful” Christian.  Someone who not only has an idea what Christianity is really about, but who also lives it.  Finally, who also does the Great Commission and not what Dallas Willard calls the Great Omission.

don't start the day without a plan
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