The Great Commission

A trip to Hell - on the way to Heaven

A trip to Hell – on the way to Heaven

Think about this as part of our trip to Hell.  Not after we’re dead – not while we’re on the way to Heaven – because that’s too late.  I say, think about it right now.  Well, how about after you finish reading this.

While we’re “visiting” in Hell, we’ll see all of our friends and loved ones who’ve died, and didn’t make ti to Heaven.  Now, think about how many of those friends we reached out to while they were alive.  How many of them did we share the Gospel with?  How many of them did we try to steer away from Hell, but instead put them on their way to Heaven?

Can I trust what I think I know?

Can I trust what I think I know?

Is what I know real knowledge or just knowledge?  Well, that depends.  Knowledge has a dictionary definition.  But there’s also a social component related to what can be known and therefore can be considered knowledge.  And then there’s our own brains that also get involved in what we consider knowledge, as opposed to something less than knowledge.

We believe in God. Or do we?

We believe in God. Or do we? (Part 1)

We believe in God.  That’s a common answer when someone is asked, “Do you believe in God?”  But, is that really true?  I’ve been amazed by survey results that appear to show a belief in God but so many contradictions in the questions that follow.  That’s the reason for the second part of the title – “Or do we?”  Unfortunately, I think I found my answer in this month’s Christianity Today.  It’s sad.  It’s depressing.  And yet, it’s also cause for hope – because if Christians actually did what Jesus commissioned us to do, it’s a situation we could possibly change.

Grown-again Christian

Grown-again Christian

Have you ever heard of a Grown-again Christian?  Me neither. But the Apostle Paul did. “But for right now, friends, I’m completely frustrated by your unspiritual dealings with each other and with God. You’re acting like infants in relation to Christ, capable of nothing much more than nursing at the breast.” The Message

Is God sitting this one out? Or is it us sitting it out?

When we want something to happen but it doesn’t, sometimes we say “God is sitting this one out”.  But is it really true that God is sitting it out?   Is it ever true?  
When we don’t get what we want, it’s east to blame it on God.  We just claim that God is sitting it out.  It’s easier that saying that maybe it’s our fault.

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