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The Parable of the Lost Sheep - Luke

Does anybody really care? About what?

Does anybody really care?

Does anybody really care?  Did you ask, “Care about what”?  Or did you just answer?  If you answered “Yes”, what do you care about?  Maybe the top five things?  If you answered, “No!”, why don’t you care?  On the other hand, if you answered, “I don’t know”, are you still alive?

Take those cute Koalas in the picture.  Do you know, they probably don’t care about much of anything?  They’re so spaced out on Eucalyptus leaves, that’s about all they care about.

Are we the same way?  So spaced out on whatever our favorite escape thing is that we don’t care about anything?  Not about ourselves? Not about each other?

Blessed are the peacemakers

Blessed are the peacemakers

Blessed are the peacemakers.  But who / what are peacemakers?  Some of you will think of a Colt handgun.  Or a strategic bomber.  Or maybe even an MX Missile.  If you’re Christian, or think you’re Christian, hopefully those aren’t the first things that come to mind.  Why not?  Because Blessed are the peacemakers is something Jesus said.  It’s one of the Beatitudes, from the Sermon on the Mount. 

Jesus and the Samaritan Woman – a different view

Jesus and the Samaritan Woman - a different view

Jesus and the Samaritan Woman.  It’s part of John’s gospel that is often talked about. However, here’s a different view of it.  Sure, it’s important to show that the “living water” that Jesus offered was for everyone.  What if we look at it from the point of view of the Great Commission?  Not just as we’re to spread the word to all nations.  But as an example or template of how to go about spreading the gospel?

Notice the word on the chalkboard.  “Feedback”.  It seems like when we spread the gospel, we tend to want to talk.  Just keep saying the nice “churchy” words, and people will get the message.  They’ll say the so-called sinners prayer – which doesn’t exist – and be saved.  Not.  

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