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Blessed are the peacemakers

Blessed are the peacemakers

Blessed are the peacemakers.  But who / what are peacemakers?  Some of you will think of a Colt handgun.  Or a strategic bomber.  Or maybe even an MX Missile.  If you’re Christian, or think you’re Christian, hopefully those aren’t the first things that come to mind.  Why not?  Because Blessed are the peacemakers is something Jesus said.  It’s one of the Beatitudes, from the Sermon on the Mount.

What's important to you?

What’s important to you?

What’s important to you?  Do we even take time to think about that question?  Or are we just so focused on “now” that we don’t even know what’s important.  Maybe I should say, what’s important in your future?  You know – beyond the next few minutes?  Even better, your distant future?  Where do you hope to be at the end of your life?  In other words, what’s your life goal?  What’s important for you to be able to achieve your life goal?

Since this site’s about Christianity, let me ask you.  Is Christianity important to you?  No matter your religion, is God important to you?

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