Darwin and COVID

I heard a restaurant owner on the news this morning talking about Darwin and COVID. He was talking about how Darwin didn’t say that the strongest survive. Rather, Darwin said it was the most adaptable who survive. And this particular person wanted to be one of the adaptable ones who survive.

There is, of course, a problem with that. Well, a few problems. The first one is that Darwin never actually said it was the most adaptable who survive!

Darwin and COVID

So in love with two – Jesus and ???

You may remember So in love with two. It comes from a song about a girl in love with two boys. But I look at it as a Christian, in love with Jesus and someone or something else.

Ultimately it’s not up to us to decide what Jesus is asking of us.

It’s up to us to decide whether we want to do what He is asking.

If we decide which things we want to do and which we don’t – the result will be like that camel going through the eye of a needle – it’s not gonna happen.

If we do what Jesus asks – then all things are possible – including that camel making it through the eye of the needle.

So – what did Mikaila’s song choose?

Hey, hey, hey

I choose the both of you

Uh Oh.

So in love with two - Jesus and ???

What can we learn about COVID from Lamentations?

What can we learn about COVID from Lamentations? I believe we can learn a lot. If we want to. Lamentations is about how the Israelites reacted to being defeated, having their homes and cities totally destroyed, and then either being in captivity in their homeland or being exiled to the land of their conqueror. Sounds pretty bad, right? Lamentations was a look at how the people reacted to those events. Reactions like anger. Blame. Self-pity.

But then they moved on to the point of recognizing what was really happening. They also moved on to the realization that there was hope. And where that hope was going to come from. So yeah – it sounds like we can learn quite a bit from Lamentations. The thing is though, the lessons learned back then were rather short-termed. Soon forgotten. Therefore, if we do learn anything from their experiences, the challenge for us is to hopefully remember what we learned.

How did Christianity get to be like this?

How did Christianity get to be like this? You ask, Like what? Let me answer, initially, with a hint, rather than a direct answer. Some think one of the worst things to happen to Christianity was when Roman Emperor Constantine converted to Christianity. As history is showing, that’s more significant that most people probably realize. The parallels to what’s going on in the U.S. today are incredible.

Historians now debate whether “the first Christian emperor” was a Christian at all. Some think him an unprincipled power seeker. What religion he had, many argue, was at best a blend of paganism and Christianity for purely political purposes.

How did Christianity get to be like this?

What happened to Christian transformation – becoming more Christ-like?

What happened to Christian transformation? You know – becoming more Christ-like? It used to be important. But now, does it mean anything more than switching to a church that we like better? One that supports our view of God, the way we created Him? That’s as opposed to a church that teaches and helps us to become more like Jesus. The Jesus Christ who’s the namesake of the Christianity.

What happened to Christian transformation - becoming more Christ-like?

Mourning over the loss of in-person church services

Do you mourn over the loss of in-person church services? If so, you’re not alone. But my question is actually more about the mourning. The process. The reasons why you mourn. That’s because the Bible actually gives us lessons, of a sort, on how and why to mourn. They’re in one of those Old Testament books that we don’t really like to read.

Lamentations is all about mourning. Grieving. All the gory details of what happened to Jerusalem, Judah, Zion, the Israelites when they were defeated by Nebuchadnezzar and sent into exile.

I believe they can help us today as well,
with COVID and the loss of in-person church services.

crying doll, to illustrate mourning over the loss of in-person church services

But then, who am I to complain?

I’ve been so tired the last month or so. Donnie, the little guy in the picture, has to go out and do his business every hour or two, pretty much 24-7. I get so little sleep that I’m constantly exhausted.

But then, who am I to complain? Donnie’s the one whose kidneys are failing.

Donnie - who am I to complain?

Does anybody really care?

Does anybody really care?  Did you ask, “Care about what”?  Or did you just answer?  If you answered “Yes”, what do you care about?  Maybe the top five things?  If you answered, “No!”, why don’t you care?  On the other hand, if you answered, “I don’t know”, are you still alive?

Take those cute Koalas in the picture.  Do you know, they probably don’t care about much of anything?  They’re so spaced out on Eucalyptus leaves, that’s about all they care about.

Are we the same way?  So spaced out on whatever our favorite escape thing is that we don’t care about anything?  Not about ourselves? Not about each other?

Does anybody really care?

Will the beast in Revelation be able to deceive Christians?

There’s no reason to think the actual beast in Revelation exists today. There are prerequisites, events that must take place before the antichrist makes his or her appearance.

So why go through all this if the beast doesn’t exist yet? Well, because it matters. If we can be deceived today, what hope do we have when the events in Revelation start to unfold?

Given that we’re so easily deceived today, it’s critically important that we learn to listen to the Holy Spirit. In church-speak, to be able to discern the difference between truth and lies. Not on our own, but with the power of the Holy Spirit.

Let’s look at a few examples of things that deceive Christians, even today
As I said, these examples are important. The things that deceive Christians today are from “ordinary” people. In other words, they aren’t from the antichrist. Not from the beast in Revelation.

Will the beast in Revelation be able to deceive Christians?

How do I justify Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’ stance on abortion?

In light of that, should our hot button item be strictly focused on preventing abortion?

Or should our focus be on spreading the Gospel?

On getting people to understand why abortion is against God’s will, rather than only trying to make it against man’s law?

Shouldn’t we focus on the eternal souls of both the mother and the baby?  Helping the mother to navigate a difficult time?

Loving the mother, no matter her choice of whether to go through with the abortion or not?  Loving mother and baby if the mother chooses to go through with the birth?

Ultimately, shouldn’t we be more like Christ?  We are, after all, Jesus’ representatives here on earth – until He returns.  And that is part of what we’re to do per the Great Commission.  Judgment is His, not ours.  We are to love.  Even, and maybe especially, when we don’t want to.

Hot Button Item: How do I justify Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’ stance on abortion?
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