Joel Osteen – “God uses people to push you to where you’re supposed to be.”

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Yes – it sounds like I’m picking on Joel Osteen.  Sounds like I’m even judging him. … So I’m not picking on Joel Osteen. I’m reminding us – all of us – that God really did leave us to take care of things for Him.  Yes – with the Holy Spirit – but still with us as the physical beings allowing the Holy Spirit to work through us.  

I’m gonna be like you dad

Just in case you didn’t catch the difference there – besides the answer changing from “probably not” to “no” – two of the words were capitalized. Instead of this being about the boy and his father – it’s about God the Father and Jesus the Son.
So what happened?
If everyone wants it to be differently – why wasn’t it?

Forgiven – update on Vanishing Grace

Jesus was someone that spent time and ate with all sorts of “sinners”. In the Gospels we see Him with the likes of tax collectors, roman soldiers, and prostitutes. Scandalous in His time – and in too many churches today, it’s the same.

The “healthy” and the “sick”. What did Jesus really mean?

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Finally, some hope – although look how it comes. Through another marriage to a prostitute and an exile – to cure all the things they have been doing wrong. So, yes – hope. But are they willing to pay the price of “admission” – pun entirely intended. They have to “admit” what they had become in order to be “admitted” back to a relationship with God.

Wanting to be found – but hiding to not be found.

We do the same thing with God It’s “fun” to be a new Christian. There’s the excitement. Lot’s of people are happy for you. Even the Heavens rejoice.
But then, …

If your goal is to offend no one …

… In all sorts of places, speaking truth will end up causing a lawsuit. In colleges – it’s a violation of whatever they call the rules against speaking truth to our sensitive little children who are supposed to be exposed to the very thing they object to – truth.

Learning from a dog – again

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What if we just trusted God – the one who’s in a similar relationship with us – as Dewey is to my wife & I? What if we were up for whatever He had for us – even if it seems to be painful at the time? What if we had Dewey’s attitude – we’re happy for the relationships – and just assume that whatever’s happening will be good for us.

The problem of “church words”

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Mary Sue said she was ‘giving Joshua to God.’ That’s exactly what she said. “I was afraid that she might have made a decision—a very frightening decision—that somehow Joshua would be better off in heaven with God.” “Is that when you called the Department of Social Services?” “That’s what I did, yes.””


Oh – by the way – that forgiveness thing. It’s good for anything we have done. Literally – anything. There’s nothing, no matter what some may say, that won’t be forgiven. Some would say if you’ve done certain things – you can’t be in “the church”. Well – maybe not in their “church”. But in Jesus’ church – sincerely ask for forgiveness from Jesus – and you will be forgiven.

Who cries for you?

So the next time we’re feeling bad about our lives, feeling like no one cares enough to cry for us, we just need to remember that someone did cry for us.
Jesus cried for us. No one loves us more than Jesus does. No one.

LGBT in Heaven? 2

Well – I’d think that opening would get some interest! One way or another, people seem to be on all sides of this issue – and apparently even those on the same side have a hard time getting along with each other!

The Way Back Home

Tonight those kids are weeping While yours are safely sleeping Won’t you help the children find The way back home

Get some kleenex, and see a deeper message in this amazing song – The Way Back Home.

I’m proud of you, you know …

There is, of course, a catch here. We never know when the last moment will come. I was in a car accident a couple years ago where I had less than a second before knowing I was going to be hit. “Life”, in the traditional sense, could end at any time.

Time Travel – God and the fourth dimension

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More laws – this time physics – that explain how things work.
I can’t help but wonder who Stephen Hawking thinks created the laws of physics.

Little Replicas of God (Part 2) 2

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And now I see first hand my own choice to do this – to blame Him or not – to trust Him or not – to allow His good intention to be played out or not – to be part of His plan – or to walk away from Him.

Little Replicas of God (Part 1) 4

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I was telling him he’d be OK – just stop and look around – then we’d go in. This is our normal routine in a situation like this.
He saw something that really scared him – I have no idea what. He backed up so fast and so hard … And then he ran.

True or False: No one can sit at the bedside of a dying child and still believe in God.

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… in order to reach that conclusion – Russell had to first not only assume that God does exist, but that he knew how God felt about the dying child.I think the real statement should be – No one can sit at the bedside of a dying child and still believe that people are inherently good.