Our accuser could be Moses?

Genesis – including the creation account – was written by Moses.  It was the beginning.  If we don’t believe it, then we’re calling it a lie.  And once we begin to call God a liar, how can we all of a sudden claim to believe anything at all that He says?  If we can’t accept the things are are plainly visible, how can we begin to accept the things that aren’t visible at all – let alone the things that will happen in the future?

The problem of faith, hope, belief and knowing

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The concern here is that when we say things like we “know” certain things because the Bible says so, we run the risk of turning people off to the message we are trying to give.  Something that was meant to be caring and loving can be construed as something that sounds uncaring and insensitive.  I think we need to remember that we believe God meets us where we are, and so when we talk with others who faith isn’t as strong as our or maybe have no faith at all, we also need to meet them where they are – not where we are.

Science vs God – The Concepts of String Theory

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Given that I’m a “lowly mortal” and not perfect – I need to be sure you get this next part.  What is suggested here is only a possibility – a possible explanation of why we might perceive these 11 dimensions.  I make no statement as to what God actually did, does or will do.  It’s an explanation of how the Bible and science might be much more in line than many people think – as opposed to the all too easy position to take that the Bible and science are totally at odds with each other.  

Be prepared for what you ask for …

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That’s not to say I didn’t have second thoughts – didn’t wonder if the cost was getting too high.  I did have them.  I even ran away a few times.  Fortunately, I always returned.

“You can’t do this!” – You keep saying that, and yet …

So while I was reading this exchange in the book – I couldn’t help but wonder – when confronted at the final judgment – how many people will say the same thing to Jesus?
How many will tell Him that He can’t judge them – that He can’t condemn them?

On This Rock – Part 1 – Intro & Prologue 3

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You have successfully figured out rule #1. Since you’re the first to do it, your task now is to get the rest of the world to believe rule #1. No pressure, but the fate of the every living person hangs in the balance.

The problem of imperfect knowledge 2

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I would imagine the scene above plays out fairly often. Someone is murdered. Someone else wonders – “where was God when … was murdered?”

The problem of problems

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It’s the same way with life. Too many extra things going on.
Figure out what’s important – focus on that – and don’t worry so much about the rest of the stuff. We can’t really totally ignore it – because we don’t want to get blind-sided by something / someone. But still – …

What’s the significance of people living to about 120 years?

You know how when you read those parts of the Bible you tend to skip over them? You probably just skipped it now. … if they are mentioned again, it probably says something about their heritage anyway. And failing that – if you really want to know who someone was, just Google them. What’s the big deal?

If your goal is to offend no one …

… In all sorts of places, speaking truth will end up causing a lawsuit. In colleges – it’s a violation of whatever they call the rules against speaking truth to our sensitive little children who are supposed to be exposed to the very thing they object to – truth.

The problem of sanitized evil

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Anyone who thinks otherwise – either they don’t know what evil really is, because they haven’t really looked at it – or they have looked at it and want even more of it.