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What else does God want from us? 1

Part 1 – What does God want from us? pointed out arguably the number one thing.  If you haven’t read it yet, I encourage you to check it out. Here – we look at a second thing God wants from us.  It’s so important that without it – the first one is pretty much irrelevant. Have you figured out what it is?    This series was originally from July of 2011.  As mentioned, this is part two.  Part three will be the flip side – what does God want for us.  After all – this is a two way relationship – if we do it right. So here it is – with updates in rust colored italics.  Three weeks ago, I wrote about how God wants our love. Two weeks ago, I was going to write this article – but the web hosting site was down. It didn’t get written. Last week, I was going to try to write this article again – but the Dragons in Heaven thing happened. This article didn’t get written – again. Now it’s three weeks later – it’s going to get written (unless something else happens this morning) – but in a rather different way than it […]

The problem of rules

Rules?   Rules are for suckers, right? No one follows rules anymore. Except for one really important instance. Know what it is? You’re probably wrong. Read on to find out.     It’s video games!  Think about it.   Speed limits?  Who follows them, other than Corolla drivers?  No one.  Unless you’re playing a video game.  If you’re playing a driving game – the car only goes as fast as it goes.  Even if you want to go faster – you can’t.  And you’re OK with it.  Because those are the rules. Let’s say it’s a sports game.  In real life – sportsmanship is pretty much gone.  Anything goes when it comes to getting a penalty called.  “Diving” is what it’s known as.  Everyone complains about it.  But everyone does it.  It’s not bad sportsmanship any more – it’s not getting an edge.  With people as judges and referees, you can get away with things.  So you try.  And even have the nerve to complain when you don’t get the call you wanted – even though you know you don’t deserve to get it in the first place!  But with computers – that doesn’t happen.  And you’re OK with it. […]

What have I done? 2

  Do you think Jesus ever said “Oh No!  What have I done?”   We were at the Christmas eve service at our church – the music was really nice – violin and piano as the main instruments – so I thought I’d just sit and quietly pray instead of singing. And that question came to me.   So I’m asking Jesus – did you ever say “Oh No!! What have I done!!??  These people – they’re aren’t worth this!” “Maybe it was when you were first born?  Laying there in that manger.  Not a five star establishment – although there was that one star up in the sky.  Were you already thinking it was a mistake.  Maybe you shouldn’t have agreed to it? “Maybe when you were twelve – and you’re in the temple.  You were there to learn – but the people were amazed at Your answers, instead of the other way around.  Certainly, by then, you must have realized something was wrong. “Maybe after that – as you were growing up – and got exposed to more of us.  I mean – watching us from Heaven is one thing – but actually being here – being one of […]

The problem of faith 1

   Heb 11:1 Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.   Romans 8:24 For in this hope we were saved. But hope that is seen is no hope at all. Who hopes for what he already has? 25 But if we hope for what we do not yet have, we wait for it patiently. Circular logic? Or a leap of faith as the only way to the truth? Or – is it always true, no matter what we think?   Think about it – before leaping to a decision.   Here’s the thing – if you reject the Bible – the question actually becomes moot, because the assumptions are also rejected.  If that’s where you’re at, and have no desire to examine further – that’s OK.  But guess what.  It’s still true.  Because if you don’t believe in God, you have faith that He doesn’t exist.  And your reward will be appropriately based on that.   Again – think about it before rejecting the logic.   If there is a Heaven, you won’t be there, for the very reason stated above – because you have faith that it doesn’t […]

Forgive us, for we know not what we do

Merry Christmas, Jesus! No – wait – Happy Birthday, Jesus! Yes, I know, it’s not really your birthday.But hey – we had to do something about that pagan holiday, whatever it was.  I mean really – does it matter so much about when we celebrate your birthday?  It seemed more important to tag along with that pagan thing – then maybe we could take it over – and then everyone would celebrate you instead. What’s that?  What about the tree? Post Views: 11

Creation, as told in the Qur’an and Genesis

The first Sura in the Qur’an, by order of revelation, begins with the creation of man.  Let’s compare that to what’s in Genesis, from the Jewish Torah / Christian Bible. In the translation that I’m using, this verse is called The Embryo. In others, it is called “The Clot”.   The Arabic word used can be translated in various ways, including “clump of mud”. In any case, it’s meant to show that the creation of man was a wondrous event.     To get some background on how Islam, Christianity and Judaism all claim Abraham as the “father” of their religion, please see this post on What religion was Abraham?”.   Sura 96 – The Embryo Order of Revelation – 1 Traditional order in Qur’an – 96 The Qur’an is not presented by order of revelation to Muhammad.  Rather, it is arranged by the length of each Sura (or chapter) in the original Arabic language.  Therefore, I will give both the order of both the revelation to Muhammad and the printed Qur’an. This first Sura is actually two parts. The first part is verses 1-5, which is about the creation of man. The revelation is believed to have taken place in […]

Islam – peace, love and hope. Why? 1

  In the first article in this series – I said I felt led to write about this topic. I also said I had been ignoring the call.  So – what made me decide to write – what was the thing that made the decision for me? If you’re new to this site – the reason may surprise you. If you’re a regular – you’re used to this. I was in my car – listening to music – and two songs played – one after the other – Blessed Be Your Name I Know You’re Out There Somewhere The first one – Blessed Be Your Name – as one might guess is a religious song – by Rebecca Saint James. And it’s meaning – it’s pretty obvious – Blessed be the name of God. The second one though – it’s a love song – by the Moody Blues. For a long time – I’ve thought this would be a great song to use on this site – the title – I know you’re out there somewhere – it’s perfect for someone who knows that God exists – but can’t quite seem to find Him. But it’s the words – what […]

Islam – peace, love and hope introduction 2

  So – I feel like God’s been pushing me into doing research on Islam. Not nudging – or guiding – or anything like that. Because I’ve been ignoring those. No – it’s pushing.   The people of three religions claim Abraham as the father of their religion. Is it realistic to think that he’d want the three of them to hate each other?   If we look at Genesis 21:11 -13 to see how Abraham reacted when Ishmael was sent away – I think we can get the answer to this question – Ge 21:11 The matter distressed Abraham greatly because it concerned his son. 12 But God said to him, “Do not be so distressed about the boy and your maidservant. Listen to whatever Sarah tells you, because it is through Isaac that your offspring will be reckoned. 13 I will make the son of the maidservant into a nation also, because he is your offspring.” So we see the Abraham cared about what happened to Ishmael. And, we see the God promised to make him into a great nation. To tell the truth – for a long time I thought maybe God made Ishmael into a great […]

God, The Father – Friend or Foe? A look at Pharaoh.

“God has not forgotten you.”   When you hear that – does it make you happy? Or would you rather that God would just forget you?  Interestingly enough – if you really want Him to forget you, He will.  Eventually. But you have to ask yourself, “Is that what I really want?”       If you believe God’s your friend – you’re undoubtedly happy to remember that God will never forget you. If you believe God’s your enemy – you’re likely wishing that He would just forget all about you. BTW – if you answered that question with either yes or no – but you consider yourself an atheist – I have to ask you – who is it exactly that you wish would forget you? This is something I still don’t understand about atheists – how you can get so worked up over something that you are so sure doesn’t exist!  What’s the point?  Why waste the time? Or is it that maybe God is in you somewhere – trying to stir up your interest in Him?   So – let’s get on with it. God was cruel and mean to Pharaoh This is along the lines of […]

What does God want from us?

  When we pray, we often ask God for all sorts of things.  And we’re often disappointed if we don’t get everything we wanted – NOW!  Have you ever thought about it the other way around?  What do you think He wants from us?  And do you think maybe He’s disappointed when we fail to give Him what He wants? That begs the question – what do you think God is like?  If you think He’s mean – you’ll have a different answer than if you think He’s loving.   This is probably a different look at the question. Keep an open mind.  And think about the possibility that we get what we expect.    This is the first installment of a three part series I wrote back in the summer of 2011.  We’re doing it now in the Bible Study class I lead.  The picture at the left tells you what I think the answer (or at least “an” answer to the question would be. During the discussion in the class, an interesting comment came up.  One of the people said they have a hard time imagining God the Father as being friendly.  Jesus – yes, because that’s generally […]

All dogs go to Heaven, don’t they?

This entry is part 1 of 8 in the series Learning from dogs

God has a sense of humor, so He makes His
Biscuits in funny shapes for His dogs. There
are kitty-cat biscuits and squirrel biscuits.
Ice-cream biscuits and ham-sandwich biscuits.
Every angel who passes by
Has a biscuit for a dog.