Jesus Before Pilate

Demanding the meaning of truth – Part 1

Demanding the meaning of truth.  It’s from an interesting song – Freedom for the World.  Full of hope – like the title words, demanding the meaning of truth.  Also full of warnings like, if we don’t get it together we’ll be gone.  Not to mention the conclusion, Look to your heart and let love lead the way.  The irony is that depending on your point of view, the words of the song lead to wildly varying meanings of truth!  We will, of course, look at it from a Christian point of view.

Not the “nominal” Christian who tends to be little more than Christian in name only.  Or from the “average” Christian, who follows the parts of Jesus’ teachings that they like, and finds ways to rationalize ignoring the things they don’t like.  Instead, we’ll look at it from the point of view of the way Christians are actually taught to live.  A way that none actually achieve, other than Jesus Himself.

demanding the meaning of truth

Is teaching the Bible in public schools a good idea?

Is teaching the Bible in public schools a good idea?  I dare say, most non-Christians answer that question with a great bog “No!”  But what about Christians?  Do Christians think it’s a good idea for public schools to teach the Bible?  For what it’s worth, President Trump and the Supreme Court of the U.S. both say it’s at least legal.  And while the legal issues play a big part in the discussion, that’s not my question.  My question for Christians to pray about and answer is whether or not it’s a good idea.

Is teaching the Bible in public schools a good idea?

What Didn’t Happen When Jesus Died?

That’s hard for some people to accept. It can seem too “convenient”. Too simple. It’s not enough.
For many people, with the lives we’ve had, it’s hard to “believe”, just because a list of things was done.
This is for you – the people who have a hard time. Because it’s not just a list of things that could be checked off as “accomplished”. It’s also about things that weren’t done. Things that couldn’t be done.

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